Help Low-Income Familes Asking for Christmas Assistance

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families in need of helpWe are now approaching Christmas which means the stress is building even more for families in need who have a low income. The question that keeps repeating itself is, How am I going to provide gifts and a holiday meal for my children so they don’t feel left out? It is difficult for children to understand why Santa visits their friends and classmates on Christmas Eve but not for them. Most of these children would be thrilled just to receive a simple toy or game, new school clothes and shoes, or a winter jacket to keep them warm. Their parents would enjoy being able to put a holiday meal on the table to fill their tummy and bring a smile to their face.

This is the third year that has received requests from many desperate moms along with a few dads asking for assistance in providing holiday gifts for their children. The children come from all walks of life; they are children from families who are suffering from hardships such as disabilities, illnesses, unemployment, and divorces. They are children…children in need of some cheer to brighten their holiday.

The following requests for Christmas assistance are some of those received since the beginning of November of this year. Please take the time to read through them. If there is a family you might like to help, please leave a comment below. It will appear in my email only. I will contact you, at that time, to assist you in connecting with the family if you decide you wish to.

I must inform you that I cannot vouch for the families’ situations. I recommend you ask for verification before you commit to assisting a family. Also, once you know the familiy’s last name and address, that you do an Internet search…or better yet, a background check…depending on the level of  holiday assistance you wish to give. I am not responsible for any outcome that may result from your connection.

From VirginiaHi, my name is Virginia. I’m in Wexford County, Michigan. I have 3 teenage daughters. This has been a very rough year for our family. We lost our home due to my partner’s lay off. We ended up having to relocate 200 miles farther than we expected as there was a job offer. Lisa has been working for two months and we’re still trying to catch up. I have heart problems, I just got out of the hospital yesterday. I would love to give my girls a small Christmas, they have been troops through everything.We’re hoping by being diligent and working hard that we will be able to get back on our feet throughout this next year. We’re hoping we can pay it forward next year to another family who has hit a rough patch. Thanks for reading. V

From April Dear friend: My name is April. I live in a extremely rural area in the deep South. Winston Co.Alabama to be exact. My county is one of the poorest in the state. My circumstances are rather dire this year due to our families inability to find work. My days and nights are filled with anxiety on how my husband and I will provide gifts for our daughters this holiday. We are both unemployed as of present and are actively seeking work but when you live in such a very rural area as we do, it’s hard to find anything. Actually, we have applied at over 8 different employers, yet the calls still aren’t coming. We are 2 hard working individuals we believe that one has to earn their way which is why it embarrasses me to ask for help. We have 2 daughters. One is 5 and in kindergarten and the other is 4 and stays home with me. I worry so much how we will be able to give them a proper Christmas. My husband and I have always worked and have never experienced such hard times or been unable to provide for our children. Every day that brings us closer to Christmas day is another day full of trouble and anxiety for me. We’ve had no money to even begin anykind of shopping. Every single penny we get goes for the stack of bills that are behind and near their cut-off date. All I want is some nice things for my babies this year. I thank you for your time reading my post and hope you have a safe and merry Christmas season. God Bless.
From Erica Hello my name Is Erica I Live In Lynn MA . I Am a pround mother to a amazing 5 year old little girl. I Was homeless for a while luckly i have just got a housing that only lasts for a year. I am trying to find work right now i recive welfair. My anxity makes it hard for me to be out in public for large amounts of time. I am a great mother and i do try so hard. The holidays are hard because i usually do good but this year i am stuggleing hard and i hate it i dont even have a tree i guess it just gets depressing you know my daughter deserves so much more she is a bright 5 year old little girl she loves to learn she is now starting to read she asked santa for learning toys & princess stuff she is not a normal 5 year olds size my daughter wears size 8 clothing from 8-10 cause she can grown into them kids grow quick she is a size 12 shoe/boot.. if anyone could help me this season i would appreciate it being a single mother isnt easy when it really is just you & your child with no other family. thanks for your time and even if i dont recieve help i wish everyone a happy holiday season signed a single mother praying for her prayers to be answered for her little girl thanks for taking time to read my story..
From Chris My name is Chris.I live in N.H./I live on social security,I have a 15 year old girl,We are struggling to make ends meet.I am a heart patient and I struggle to pay my bills,get my medicine which I take a lot of. The co-pay which is costly.Because of my Struggles Christmas is especially hard time.I understand there are a lot of people hurting.If i can get Christmas help for my child i would greatly appreciate it very much.
Thank you very much
From Jeannine im a single mom with three kids 14 yr old twins and a 1 yr old baby all boys. my wish for this christmas is to find a donor to help my kids have a nice christmas this year. im just recently divorced and the way the economy is with jobs is crazy, cant find one. i live on so little to make it day by day and i just want to make my kids happy this yr to open a few gifts it would make my xmas complete to see them smile and be happy cause the last few xmas’s have been not to thier expectations. their really good kids and truly deserve to have a good holiday. i live in brick nj thank-you
From Jacqueline Hello, my name is Jacqueline, I am a single ,disabled mom in Riverdale Ga.with 3 young children 2 of which have special needs which requires a lot of extra expense for special services that insurance doesn’t pay for like renting Ipads for my Autistic son who does his work better using technology. a 5yr.old girl, 8 yr old boy an 9 yr old boy. Their dad has always been a great provider but has within the last 3 months be dislocated from his work. We are usually the ones on the giving end, however, that is not the case at this time. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about the upcoming lay off sooner. Christmas is soon approaching and have been unable to get anything for the kids as of yet.
I am not picky and would appreciate any assistance. What I receive from disability is just enough to make it through the month for our needs with still some to be desired. I must say that i am Grateful to God, that we at least have a roof over our heads and food on the table. If there is someone out there willing to assist us , We’d be truly appreciative! Thanx in advance!
From Tracie Hello my name is Tracie I have an 11 year old son myself and my husband are currently looking for work. It would be wonderful if I could give my son a small Christmas this year. I have never done anything like this before but, desperate times call for desperate measures. I live in Mobile, AL. God Bless and Merry Christmas!
Tracie L
From Kristen My name is Kristen and I live in St Petersburg area. I am a mother of a 15month old boy. Any help would be eternally appreciated. I am a college student on a very tight budget. He likes little. Cars and trucks. I really want to get him educational toys but they’re too expensive brand new. Even used would be great. Please contact me if there’s any churches or families able to. Thanks in advance.
From Jessica hi to someone who can help. me and my huband work very hard and have not to show for it must of the time. i work about 12 hours a work and stay at home with my sons. my huband work full time but has been missing work b/c of his kindy disease. my boys are 3 years old/10 years old sweet boy. my 10 year old son have aspergers,bi-polar, and ocd that why i work part-time to be at home with him. we never have alot and we don’t care but we would like to see our boys have to good x-mas this year. thank you, for reading this.
From Brandy I’m a mother of two boys one which is Eric he is 14 and Wesley is 17. I just recently lost my job and also lost my social security check at the same time. Therefore I have lost all income at once right here at Christmas. We live in Knoxville Tn. And are just needing help with clothes for my boys. I know they are too old for toys and they understand this is going to be a tough Christmas but I’m praying someone can help us out. I do receive a child support check but it’s only $135.00 a month for 2 kids and these days that’s nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & God Bless! I also have proof of everything I just mention if you need it. Thank you again! Brandy&Boys
From Jennie Hello I am a single Mother of three children ages 5 Yrs old Girl, 9 Yrs Old Boy and 12 Yr Old Boy, I have had a rough year and am very imbarrased to ask for help, but I know if I do not ask I’ll have an even harder time trying to explain why Santa by passed our house, and I just do not want to go through that! If you want to help us please contact me and I’ll tell you more about us, I just do not want to pour my heart out here and the end result be nothing! Thank you for your time and consideration,
I forgot to put that I live in Espanola, New Mexico! Jennie
From Kisha My family lost everything in a fire 3 weeks ago. I have been out of work since then, and my Husband is out of work because of knee surgery. Everything i had bought our 4 kids for christmas was lost in the fire, along with everything else we owned. We have had to start all over building our belonging back up. The kids have very few toys and clothes now. And im afraid im not going to be able to afford christmas for them this year. I hope someone out there can see our need and be our angel this year so that we can be someone elses when they need the help. We live in alexcity alabama, and god has blessed us by keeping us all safe and together for that i thank him daily. the kids ages: jason is 7, alissa is 9, derrick is 11, and shawn 13
From Latonya Hello, I am a single parent of two girls (8 & 11). I was previously forced to quit my job due to domestic violence and have since been receiving unemployment. It has been soo hard on my girls with the major income change. They are now starting to understand more as the days, weeks and months go by. I’ve been unsuccessful in my job search and actively looking since March of this year. My girls would be soooooo appreciative to know that although Christmas may not be what it has been previously however no matter what Christmas brings we still have each other. And that’s the greatest gift ever! Things happen for reasons, and I know that there is something better in store for us. As we must be patient and Thankful for what we do have.
From Kelly We live in Middletown, PA and our trying to get help for our children to have a christmas this year. Me and my husband are trying to get any help we can possibly get for our 3 children to have a christmas. My husband lost his job due to an explosion that he was in and lost his left hand all but his pinky in 2009 he has been since recovering trying to get a job, but due to his permanent injury noone will give him a chance at a job. I lost my job in April after tyring to work and go back to school but it was hard because the company i was working for would not work with my school hours. We have been in programs helping us to find work and we are hoping to be starting a job soon but we do not have the money to pay the bills and also be able to give our children the christmas they deserve. Our children are 2 boys ages Ryan is 9, and R.J is 11 and they love transformers, wwe, ds games and wii games,and our daughter Megan is 7 and she loves anything with dora the explorer or baby dolls and accessories. If anyone can help please it would be great. Thank You for listening and reading and i hope god blesses all who can help. Thank You Kelly

For the children they do need clothes the 2 boys and my girl is in size 7-8 and they do need sneakers boys size 3 and girls size 13 and the likes the boys love video games i know they are expensive but I just tell if anyone wants to they can just get them a gift card for games stop or anywhere anything little would help or they like transformers and my daughter loves anything with Dora the explorer or disney princesses. I do appreciate your writing to me and asking more. Thank You so much and if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.

From Erica Hello. my name is Erica and i live in a little town located in alabama.i am married and we have a beautiful 5 yr old son.where i live is in one of the poorest counties in this state and there are not many jobs husband is disabled and i havent been able to find employment due to no transportation.we are currently staying next door to my parents’ in their home and are in the process of moving due to family issues (for the best interest of our child ).i am afraid that our monthly income will not be enough to give our son a good xmas.i have been feeling depressed because he is such a good child and he has to suffer.if anyone can help, my family and i would deeply appreciate it.thankyou for listening and may God bless you all.
From Iris I am a single mom of a five- and a one-year-old, and I am currently unemployed, I am struggling with rent a basic needs for my kids. All I wish for my kids for Christmas are a babydoll for my 5 yrs old daughter and some size 5 diapers for my 1 yr old son. And a healthy christmas meal. I hope that some could help me provided these. Simple things for my babies, I will be grateful the rest of my life.  
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  1. I have a 2yr old boy and 8yr old girl and 14yr old boy. I am having financial difficulties this year and need help putting gifts under the tree for my kids. If there is any way you could help us it would be greatly appreciated we live in Dunnelon, Florida. It is a small town with out much around here and I haven’t got the transportation good enough to get the kids to the toys for tots locations in Ocala the nearest city. If you could help us please email me and lift this weight off my shoulders of looking into there eyes on Christmas day with nothing to give them but food in there stomach. God bless you for helping others. Thank you, Fred M

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