Help for Low Income Families | Rent, Electric, Heating, Food

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United Way

United Way has a website,, that will help families in need find assistance with housing, utilities, food, families in need of helptransportation, and more including one time emergency mortgage help for those who qualify. is where you should go to next, if you haven’t already.  2-1-1 provides free and confidential information and referral. Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. Learn more about your local 2-1-1 by going to Enter your zip code, city, or state and on the next page enter keywords of what assistance you are looking for. The result will be many links for related information.

I’d like to hear back from those who have used for assistance to share your experiences to help others.

Please do not submit requests for help in the reply box.

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9 thoughts on “Help for Low Income Families | Rent, Electric, Heating, Food

  1. am also in Grand Rapids MI and the DHS did the same thing to me! My husband is in the army and has not been paid in months and I am getting evicted with three small kids. My worker has not returned calls in two months, her supervisor told me I had an apt Dec 2nd and I showed up and nobody had any record of an appointment and neither my caseworker nor her supervisor would even come talk to me or answer a message, phone call, nothing. I complied with everything they said, even attended the jet program and the day before I was suppose to receive benefits my worker cut me off of any assistance?I am strongly considering contacting the news?

  2. Erskina

    I am a 23 year old single mother of one. This year has been really hard on me and my 2 year old child, we were homeless most part of the year but we finally got our own place. I am not working as of now, but i do volunteer at a museum with hopes that they will hire me hopefully by next month.I am enrolled in school now that helps me get prepared to start working and help me with other things such as a resume, and help me look for a job. I will be starting school in January as well, but the last few months has been hard on me with the bills and trying to save for a cheap car.I am so overwhelmed because i haven’t been able to start my christmas shopping at all, and thats where i need help. I need help with bills and christmas , if you can find it in your heart please help me this winter. Anything will be accepted. God bless

  3. Arianna

    I have an electric bill due in a week for $149.00 and right now I am unable to pay for it and when I called to ask for payment arrangement I was told that I had to pay on time or they will turn off my electricity,I have 2 kids 7 and 1 year old in the house and its very cold in Florida this month,please let me know if anyone can help.


    You might want to check on your rights since you have children. If your heat is electric, they might not be able to turn it off. I don’t know if this is true – check it out.

  4. plese who my consern i need help for cristmas famaly of 9 peaple 7 cheldren father and mather low incame famaly thanks in advence who help us will be covered the blood of jeses

  5. Amy

    I recently got out of a terrible domestic situation where we(my 3 children & I) ended up homeless & lost everything we owned except for each other & the clothes on our backs. We finally got our own place.We are starting over with virtually nothing & I got layed off from my job the day before Thanksgiving & now I’m not only worried about being homeless again but I just want to be able to give my children the gift of xmas so they can stay young at heart & believe in the goodness of people! I have no family to turn to for help. I support my kids on my own & it’s very hard for me to ask anyone for help as I have never had to rely on any kind of aid/help to survive & it’s very humbling. I have 3 children. My daughter is 18 in her 1st year of college. She is a sz 7-9, sz 9-10 shoe & loves all the latest styles. My Son will be 12 in Jan is a sz 12-14 & this has been hardest on him. He made a sign to take to target that said “please help my family” because he said it worked for the hobos…He would believe in miracles if he got a playstation 3 & some games, some clothes & a New winter coat & gloves/hat & warm boots. My youngest daughter will be 4 a few days after xmas & she is a size 4t & she wants a real “live” looking baby doll,real baby clothes for her baby & baby diapers a pacifier & a baby bottle. She also wants her own TOY computer. We all need winter boots & coats. We honestly have nothing but the few items complete strangers have donated to us. I would love to be able to put up some xmas decorations & a tree but I have a whopping $2.69 to my name at this moment. Thank You ANY help would be greatly appreciated & when I am able to get my feet back on the ground I will remember all those who helped me & I will give back & make a positive difference in the lives of others. Thank You!

  6. Beverly Mack

    Please forgive my misspelled words.

  7. Beverly Mack

    My family and I only have until Friday, to be out of our home. We live in Grand Rapids, MI and it is getting too cold to be put out into the streets. My daughter, had a 2 and 5 year old that she needs help with. That is why I allowed them to move in with me, one year ago. Now she is unemmployed, and santioned from receiving any help from DHS. I was let go from my employment, because I filed a worker companstation claim against them. I only received a small amount of money. Now, it seems that I can not find a job. I believe that I am being blackballed. I lost my car also, only after giving the car owner’s company 3,000. I missed a two biweekly payments, and then they repersets my car. I have been to every organization for help. Access, a organization was going to help. They had me bring in the required documentation, and they required the complex to allow a lead inspection. I had a co payment of 270.00, and I payed that. Then at the last minunt, they wanted me to give them $630.00, in addtion to the $270.00. The lady handling my case, said that if I don’t have the required amount that they were going to close the case. So they did. Now my family and I have no place to go, and no income. Please help somebody.

    Beverly Mack

  8. betty hodges

    Thank you for all your help

  9. betty hodges

    Hello my name is Betty Hodges, I was looking at your web site and I was wondering would you have any shoes or clothes, toys games anything you would like to donate? I live in San Antonio Texas I’ve been here since 2004 and I’m going threw a ruff time right and I just let my niece move in with me her and kid’s (3) ages 2,4,6 girls. I have kids of my own all boy’s 16,18,24 they are older since they have move in with me my bills have double and I have no way to get no one anything for Christmas . After my mother pass away back in July all my bills are behind and more keep coming I just need to get on my feet, after paying for a divorce this years my saving is all gone and now that I have more people living with me it is very hard not to put up and nothing under it. Please help

    Thank you
    Betty Hodges
    San Antonio Texas

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