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Close to two hundred families posted requests for Christmas help on NanaFinds.com during the past three families in need of helpmonths. Out of those two hundred, five families found their “angel.” Because of that small success, I’m opening this post up for families who are looking for an “angel” or a group of “angels” to help them in some capacity during 2011.

Request Help for Your Family

I want to make this clear for all who read this, there is no guarantee that an angel will respond but there is the possibility. By submitting a “comment” below, you give NanaFinds.com permission to publish your information of your own free will and you accept full responsibility for the outcome. You must be at least 18 years old.

Request for Help Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for families in need who choose to submit their request for help:

  • Submit a request (200 words or less) for help only if you can verify your circumstances with appropriate references. (Never give your social security number.)
  • Include your first name and last initial.
  • Include your county (not your town) and state.
  • Do not give your phone number within your request for help.
  • Do not give your email within your request for help.  (I will see your email, but no one else will. I will contact you if you get a response.)
  • Include a brief (50 words or less), truthful statement describing your plan on how you will make things better for your family in 2011.

Guidelines for Angels

To the “angels” who may wish to help a family in need, leave a “comment” below. Your comment will come to me in my email and will not appear publicly. I will contact you before contacting the family you are interested in helping.

  • Include your first name and last initial.
  • Include your county and state.
  • Your email will be seen by me only.
  • Include which family you wish to learn more about and interested in helping.
  • Include a brief description on how you may be able to offer assistance.
  • You accept full responsibility for the outcome of your offer to help.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.

Please Have Patience

Also, I review each “comment” personally. I will post the appropriate ones that follow the guidelines and include the information as listed above as soon as I am able. I teach full time and often have homework. Please have patience if you don’t see your post immediately. Remember, this is through the Internet…be safe in all you do.

May you all have a better year in 2011…


If you are looking for a job, try submitting your information on my post: Help for Low Income Families | Job Search Help

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