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Christmas is coming in just a few weeks. With all the hustle and bustle, wish lists and Christmas sales, joyful families in need of helpChristmas music on the radios, and colorful lights decorating the night landscape, we sometimes forget that there are families who aren’t experiencing “the most wonderful time of the year.” For low-income families, it can be be very disheartening, depressing, and downright frustrating to know their children won’t experience the joy of Christmas. For a parent to feel they have let down their children even though circumstances are beyond their control, it has to be the worst experience.

Christmas Help Offers for Families in Need

Fortunately for a few families, some of my readers want to offer help. The following Christmas offers to help have been left on

Donor Offer Location
Multicultural Society NEW OFFER: Christmas tree to donate with some decorations by Dec 23 San Antonio, TX
Jill I’d like to donate a Christmas tree to a family in need of one. I love sitting in front of the Christmas tree and know how special that can be for a child. Los Angeles, CA
Jen We have a 7.5 ft narrow Christmas tree and lights that we’d be happy to donate to a family in need. It has been well used for the last 9 years but still has plenty of life left. St. Augustine, Florida
Tiffany I would love to help out a family this Christmas. If anyone is in or knows of someone in need in the Mass or New hampshire area please email me and I will try my best to make their Christmas a little easier and happier. Thanks. Massachusetts
or New Hampshire
Anonymous upon request A couple is looking to help a family. El Paso, TX
Anonymous upon request A family is looking to help a small family in need. Dallas, TX
Dora I have children’s preschool toys in great condition. Also have boys toys (monster trucks/cars, clothes that range from 18 months – 3T and a high chair. They are free to a family that is in need. San Antonio, TX
James I have a 6 foot tree with 150 clear lights sitting, boxed, in the rafters of my garage I would like to donate. There may be some other odds and ends (ornaments and decorations) that I can give along with it. St. Petersburg FL

I have also received offers to help directed to specific families which are listed below:

Donor To Message
Jessica Joy Kelley and Sue Rhoads I would like to help: (both grandmother’s that have posted on the site). Could you please provide them with my e-mail address and ask them to send me ages, gender, sizes and greatest needs, along with full mailing addresses. Thank you for all that you do. I wish I could help them all but just 2 this year.Successfully fulfilled!
Tiffany Kelly from Indianapolis Please email me! I might be of some help since I live in Indy too.Tiffany is a 13 year old girl. :-(
Tiffany post on 11-9 by “andrea needing help – email me.

Giving is Contagious – Catch It!

If you have a Christmas tree, decorations and lights you would like to donate…or if you would like to help a family in need, please leave a comment below and include a town and state near where you are located. If you can’t help a family on your own, ask friends or co-workers to join in together to help one family. That’s what my daughters have done to help two families this Christmas. Their friends and co-workers have come together to donate trees, decorations, lights, tree skirt, books, videos, doll house, musical instruments, Christmas pajamas, and more. Giving is contagious…it spreads by word of mouth…the best kind of contagious.

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185 thoughts on “Help for Families in Need | Offers of Christmas Help

  1. Rikki

    Hi, my name is Rikki and I’m a single parent of two amazing boys ages 6yrs and 9 months.I have been unempolyed going on a year now due to my son’s medical condition he was diagonsed with ADHD and I have to fully care for him. It has been a struggle for me to be unable to pay rent, light, and to buy my kids clothes going to different charities for help. It is more difficult during the holidays all I want for my boys to wake up christmas morning with a tree and presents to see a smile on their face christmas morning something I cant afford to give them.
    ip address: San Antonio, TX

    • Nana

      Rikki, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  2. Betty Du Cre'

    Hi I’m a mom with an 11 and 9 year old girls, I have 2 older girls here at home, my husband is 65 and retired veteran , we live on a fixed income scraping by each month.
    I’m 50 and have a lot of medical issues.
    My girls would be so surprised and over joyed to get gifts this year that I didn’t crochet for them, which is what I usually do, but this year I’m unable to buy yarns and fiberfill stuffing.
    My girls wouldn’t mind second hand gifts and I’d be really grateful.
    Mom of 7 Princesses

    • Nana

      Betty, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  3. brittany

    Im a single mother. My daughter’s birthday is today…december 14th. She is 8. This month is very hard as i already struggle for rent…im always about 500 behind..i struggle for food. And i cant afford gifts or a tree.
    I do not have any living family that can help me unfortunately.

    Any help with gifts…a TREE….lights…even second hand clothes and gifts. My daughter is very appreciative and loves goodwill. She is very grateful for anything she gets. I am grateful for any help offered.

    Have a wonderful Holiday! Brittany near Providence, Rhode Island

    Thanks so much in advance!

  4. Melissa

    I have a three year old daughter. I’m a single mother and can’t afford gifts for my daughter. If there is anybody that could help make my daughters Christmas real you will be forever remembered and I would be so grateful. Happy Holidays!

    • Melissa

      I live in Seminole, FL (Tampa Bay Area)

  5. Roseanna Lively

    Hi! I have two beautiful little girls ages 7 and 2 who are in need of shoes, clothes and if possible toys for Christmas.

  6. Elle

    New Hampshire: Single mom dealing with major depression and car issues and trying to get myself to a point where I can get back to work its always a struggle especially with Christmas around the corner. we just try and make the best of everyday.

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