Help for Families in Need | Community Christmas Store Shopping

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Christmas shopping help is available for families in need residing in Roanoke County, Salem, Vinton, or Craig families in need of helpCounty. Community Christmas Store applications must be submitted in October and November for approval to participate in the free shopping night located in one of the above areas. The location varies each year because it is dependent on the donation of space.

The Christmas Community Store’s mission is to assist families in need in a dignified manner during the holiday season. The CCS goal is for recipient families to select their Christmas items according to the individual needs and preferences of each family member.

The CCS is operated solely by volunteers. There are no paid employees or staff. Approximately 95% of all funds donated to the CCS go directly to the families served. These families are residents of Roanoke County, the Town of Vinton, the City of Salem, or Craig County.

The eligible families are notified of the time and location for their shopping. When they arrive, they are greeted by friendly volunteers who assist them in finding new clothing, new toys, new household items, and food for their family. They do not need to bring any money. The CCS is completely free of charge. To qualify, you will need to bring the following items with you to apply:

  • Photo ID (must have correct address)
  • Proof of Income (pay stubs, award letters, etc.)
  • Security or Federal ID numbers (for everyone in your household)
  • Proof of Residence (copy of lease, most current utility bill, etc.)

Make a note to apply in October to be eligible for the Christmas Community Store!

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  1. i am a single grandmother with my grandchildrens living with me my youngest daughter just had twins. i am in a rent home i cannot afford. i can not pay any of my bills. i been looking working no one wants to hire a 56 yearold woman these days i am depressed a the time cAN YOU ALL HELP ME. I NEED HELP BAD PLEASE HELP. SO I CVAN GHIVE MY GRANDS A MERRY CHRISTMAS I HAVE NO MONEY FOR NOTING. THANK YOU. SHARON HENDERSON

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