Grandchildren Back to School: Free Website and Tips to Help Save Time and Money

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Grandparents raising grandchildren, do you need some help saving time and money? Now you have others to get up and out in the morning on time besides just you. Nana found a website that will help you save time and money. I also have tips to help save you time and lower your stress level.

Remember the days when your children were going to daycare or school and you out to work? Now as grandparents raising your grandchildren, it’s your grandchildren going to daycare or school and you still out to work! I don’t know about you, but this Nana doesn’t quite move as fast as I did 20 years ago when I went to work and dropped 3 off at school on my way – we didn’t have buses in our district.

Here is a website that might help grandparents raising grandchildren plan your route as you go off to work and school by avoiding the traffic jams that always seem to occur when it’s your time to be on the road. By using this website, you will save time. And, by-passing the traffic jams means you will also save on gasoline use, thereby saving money.

The website? It is  All you need to do is enter your starting and destination addresses and will give you two routes with directions, driving times, and delay times, too. You’ll see a map with the routes outlined showing the congested spots.  You don’t need to register to take advantage of this service.

To help you also go off to school and work in the morning, here are some time management tips for grandparents raising grandchildren:

  • Make or buy a large family calendar and fill in everyone’s schedule using a different color for each member and a separate color for family events, meetings, holidays, etc.  Meet together on Sunday evenings to review the coming week and fill-in any missing appointments, upcoming tests, and assigned chores.
  • Prepare all lunches and snacks the night before and label with names so each grandchild can be responsible for gathering their own lunch and snacks in the morning. Coordinate the name colors for lunches as those used on the calendar for each grandchild.
  • Plan clothes for the week on Sunday so no one will have to wash or iron the night before they are to be worn. Do a clothes check for each grandchild the night before to make sure all clothing items are laid out for the morning.
  • Keep a daily planner with you with everyone’s after school lessons, events, practices, library runs, etc. so you’ll know who is where and where you need to be too!  Make sure you update your planner on Sunday evenings, too. Be sure all related phone numbers are listed in the back of the book (just in case you can’t find your cell phone where you have them entered, too).
  • Don’t forget the backpacks – pack them before bedtime and place them by the door the grandchildren leave through
  • Keep a checklist covered in clear contact paper for each grandchild to be reused each night to check off before bed: homework done, pens and pencils, papers to return to school, lunch ready, clothes ready (can list items), money if needed, and a section for reminders to be filled in, such as chores, upcoming tests. As each is checked off, check the backpack, clothes, and lunch.

By establishing a routine of taking care of everything the night before, this management technique will reduce the stress level and send grandparents and grandchildren, alike, off with a more pleasant start.  It will probably save everyone morning time, too!

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