Free Food Assistance Program for Grandparents Raising Granchildren

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Free food assistance program…

Today, I learned of a grandmother raising her three grandchildren who is having difficulty making ends meet. She had been behind in her rent so she had to pay last month’s rent plus this month’s in addition to the late fees that had been added on. Also, the electric company sent her a notice of service termination scheduled for next week. Between the rent, the cost of gas this grandmother needs to get to work, and food to feed her three grandchildren, her pay check doesn’t stretch far enough. Her pay check had been enough for her to live on alone. But now, with her raising her three grandchildren, meeting expenses has become much more difficult.   With her pay check used up, the grandmother didn’t know how she could buy food for her grandchildren for the coming week or how to avoid losing her electricity service. Read this article to find where she received assistance…

Reach Out for Help – Salvation Army

The grandmother, Donna, confided in a friend about her financial difficulties she was experiencing as a grandmother raising grandchildren. Her friend suggested she call the Salvation Army. Being the proud, independent woman she is, she hesitated but realized she didn’t have much of a choice. She called and explained her situation. They set up an appointment for Donna to come in for food assistance. The grandmother was told to bring her pay stub and her ID. While she was there, they offered her a large choice of foods, mostly non-perishable, to choose from. She left there a little less stressed and with more hope.

Other Community Groups May Help Too

The woman the grandmother met with also gave her the name and address of another food assistance program. After she went home and put the food away, she called the second food assistance program which was church affiliated in another town. Donna was told to come on over and they would see if they could help her. They, too, were very kind and offered her food. The minister referred her to another church program that may be able to help her with her electric bill. Most food assistance programs allow those in need to take advantage of their generosity once a month. The programs receive the food donations from the County Food Bank and the generosity of other community organizations.

How to Find Your Local Salvation Army

If you are in need of food or any other emergency assistance, give the Salvation Army a call. You can find them in your local phone book or online by just do a Google – type in your state’s initials followed by Salvation Army then take it from there. If they can’t help you, they will refer you to an organization that may.

I hope this Nana Finds brings you, or someone you know, a little less stress.


7/29/08  After publishing the above Nana Finds article, KTEN News, Texas, published this one: Angel Food Ministries and the Salvation Army .

6/13/10  Be sure to contact The Salvation Army ASAP to learn how to get your family on their Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance lists. They have deadlines that you need to know so you won’t miss out.

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