Families Need Christmas Help Requests 2015

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Families Need Christmas Help Requests 2015

families in need request helpFamilies need Christmas help requests 2015:  submit your requests with as many details as you can (needs, sizes, etc.). The requests for Christmas help should be reasonable and not expensive. Christmas help requests for ipads, cell phones, computers, cars, living room furniture, new bikes, leather jackets and travel expenses are not reasonable. Requests for socks, jeans, shirts, sweaters, books, dolls, games, and not expensive toys are some examples of reasonable needs and wants.

Please go to Families Need Christmas Help 2016 for this year’s requests.

Submit Your Families Need Christmas Help Requests

Submit your request for Christmas help in the comment box below. I will copy and paste it to another post focused on the requests. If I receive someone interested in helping you with your Christmas request for help, I will send you an email. After you reply to confirm your email address, I will send your email address, with permission, to your potential “angel”. At that point, the arrangement for help is between the two of you. I will no longer be involved.

Please note:  I am not a charity or in a position to personally help families in need. I cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer of help from others.

Families need of Christmas help should provide:

Town, State
Children’s ages, needs, sizes and preferences

It is very difficult for “angels” to decide if they want to help without knowing what your children need and want for Christmas. The simpler, less costly, the better.

I wish you all an Angel this Christmas,

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24 thoughts on “Families Need Christmas Help Requests 2015

  1. Hi my name is Rita I’m in need of Christmas assistance for a 15 year old girl and 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. The oldest girl need clothes and the little girl wants a doll house and my 10 year old wants a remote airplane and ebox 360 games.
    ip address: NYC, New York

    • Nana

      Rita, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  2. Hello I was writing for help my daughter she is 7 yrs old named malayla Vaughn she will have no toys or anything for that matter on Christmas morning we have fallen on hard times dad is disabled Amd me mom is applying for ssi with no luck her sizes are 7s in all will need coat long sleeve shirts pants pjs gloves hat scarves and maybe boots size12 toys loves monster high barbies a cross necklace earrings crayola crayons colored pencils anything crafty paints brushes anything trolls paw patrol shopkinsmicroscope anything Louisville hat hoodie littlest pet shop really anything would be grateful we have nothing and just want to make her smile on Xmas morning mom and dad are a bit older and has become very hard to get out for resources anymore so any help would be a helpful blessing and in need of Xmas dinner if possible she also wants a tablet if possible again thank you for any help

    • Nana

      Lena, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  3. Janay allen

    Hi I am a mother of 5 wonderful children I am in need of all I can get help with 3 children are in school and 2 are at home I need clothes and shoes for all my oldest daughter is 7 and she loves purple and butterflies she wears a 6/7 in clothes and a 1 shoe..my oldest son is 5 and he loves anything that involves sports and fast cars he wears a 6/8 in clothes and a 1 shoe.. my second son is 4 and he loves spiderman and he wears a 4/5 in clothes and a 11/12 shoe..and my youngest daughter is 3 and love anything pink she wears a 4/5 in clothes and a 9/10 shoe and last but not least my little angel baby he is 5 months and he is already wearing 12 month clothes yes scary I know….he was 10lbs when he was born he’s not picky about what he’s wanting yet but we are truly grateful for any and all help we would receive thank you and God bless you
    ip address: unknown, possibly Michigan

    • Nana

      Janay, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  4. she needs sneakers size 6 and some out fits shits size 10/12 and pants size 12/14

  5. phyllis b

    I am in need of a christmas tree and decorations a presents for my grandkids…My husband and I live on disability and my daughter and her 5 kids have temporarly moved in with us.They were victims of father and spousal abuse and had to leave in a hurry and left alot of what they had. The baby will be 9 months and is in need of everything and wears about a year old clothing and a size 4 or 5 diapers and toys…The 8 year old is also in need of cothing,girly things and toys. The 10 year old boy some clothing and boy stuff and toys. Another girl who is 12 is ineed of some clothing, girly things, and an art set,used sewing machine,She is an artist and likes to sew and design things…she has no limit to her creativity… The oldest is a 13 yr old boy, who is in need of clothing and loves anything elctronic, likes smelly stuff also…..All need socks and under garments.. We live in Tulsa Okla and if you email me i will tell you sizes… Thank You so much…Thanks Again…..

  6. Need a blessing sent my way this christmas. With me as a fulltime student and my income Only keeping a roof and food on the table. I was unable to have my son a birthday because gulf power was due the day before. I did what I could at home for him I’m a single mom of three great kids and I dont wanna disappoint them as hard as I’m working.
    One year old boy 4/5t 8todfler shoe
    Two year old girl 4/5 t 9 t shoe

    Eight year old boy 14/16xL
    Size 6 boys shoe
    Thank you for caring, Smanatha

  7. My name is Brandy M and this year has been the hardest yet! I just started working at Denny’s and i am a mother of three girls ages ranging from 6,8,9. My oldest daughter is really into arts and crafts and she wants to be a singer. She wears a size large in shirts and 14 in pants her favorite colors are neon pink and green. i think she is is at the age where she likes make-up. Her name is Kacey also her shoe size is 5.

    My middle child Anna-lee is 8 she just turned 8 this december, she is into monster high things she also loves arts and crafts. purses and camo things. her size in clothes would be 7/8 in shirts and 7/8 in pants, her shoe size is a 3.

    Now little miss Randi is 6 all she loves is babies and more babies all there necessities.
    she is full of energy and never wants to stop she her self also likes to color and draw. her sizes would be 5/6 in shirts and the same for the pants 5/6. her shoe size would be 1.

    if there is a way to find it in your heart to please consider our family i would greatly appreciate it. there is not many times i have reached out for help from others. i am a little ashamed of ot to be honest but i do not want to see my children to go with out christmas

  8. I am a single mom of a 4yr old Girl, Peyton. Having a hard time this year with finances. I am not able to purchase a tree or found anywhere local willing to donate. I am not one to ask for handouts but this year I feel the need to. My daughter needs winter boots size 10 in children’s and winter clothes size 5 in children’s. really anything to put a smile on her face and keep Christmas something to look forward to and keep the magic. Any help at all is appreciated! thanks so much hope to hear from you soon! Elizabeth M

  9. Jennifer D

    I’m a single mom of 3 boys, Preston Ray 4, Eathan 8 and Christain 11, I was layed off from my job just before thanksgiving. My Aunt is letting us stay with her even though she only has a very small one bedroom, Were very grateful for her help, I can’t ask her to help with Christmas also. I just want the boys to have a gift or two it wouldn’t be Christmas for them without a gift. Preston wears a size 4 toddlers shirt and pants shoe size 7.5 toddlers
    Eathan wears a boys size med. shirt and boys size 8 slims pants shoes boys size 4
    Christian wears boys size large shirts, boys size 10 pants and shoes boys size 4.5 they all like bright colors. when it comes to toys then like about anything , the one favor thing for all of them are dvd movies 1) is the movie HOME and the other is FROZEN, And poor mom is in very bad need of a battery for her car a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu v-6
    she has no way to get out and look for work or take the kids to doctors etc. thank you

  10. Sandra

    I have 3 children 12-14-16 and all I would like is a tree and a stocking for them ..theyre very much deserving and have been through alot ..thank u. Sandra

  11. My children need your help for Christmas. I am disabled and time has been hard this year. I normally can do this. I am stressing out so badly. A kid without toys is no Christmas. Please help Channell

  12. Mandi L

    Euclid, Ohio

    We are a hard working family with 5 kids but can barely pay the bills at this point. Our kids will have a nice Christmas regardless of whether they get gifts or not but our 2 year old doesn’t understand that and we would love for him to receive a gift.
    Chance, 2, is an amazing little boy who is very strong. Even tho he spends a lot of time in the hospital, he never gives up and keeps fighting. He loves paw patrol, trucks, and learning how to use his new potty chair. He wears a size 5 diaper or 3t pull up. He is in a size 3t or 4t clothing.
    Nevaeh, 4, is very girly. She loves my little pony. And she wears a size 5t or 6.
    Jayelyn, 6, is also very girly. She loves to paint her nails and look pretty. She just started kindergarten and loves it. She’s also very into monster high.
    Nick, 8, is very into cars and power rangers. He wears a size 9.
    Anthony, 10, is very boyish. He loves and plays sports. He wears a size 12.
    Thank you so much and I hope I did this correctly, I don’t normally do this. Happy holidays everyone!!! And thank you again!!! Mandi

  13. marquetta t

    Hello,im from dayton ohio and im in need of christmas help. I have 2 children, boys ages 3 and 5, who i desperately need help for with christmas. My 3year old is in a size 4 and likes cars. My 5year old is in a size 5 and likes super heroes but he really needs clothes preferably pants. If you could help with anything i would be so blessed, thank you. Marquetta

  14. Cherica J

    Hello, I am a single mother of three Children. Two son’s whom are 11yrs old & 4 months, My daughter is 5yrs old. I am not able to provide my family with a Christmas gift or Christmas tree this year & is feeling low about it. If anyone out there reads this and could help me out just a little, I will greatly appreciate it. Please help me Cherica

  15. Lucinda a

    Cassandra one year old size 2 t shoes socks toys Sullivan county tn

  16. Hi names Kelly and I have a 4 year old and. 17 year old I live at housing hope its low income housing i have no income for presents or a tree I found this site on my own looking online for any help for me and my family my heart breaks my 4 year old ask why we haven’t got a tree yet I’m a single mom on a tanf budget if I could get any kind of help it would appreciate whole lot maybe shoes and clothing hopefully they can be new size 10 toddler and size 10 adults men’s for my 17 year old we live in sultan WA thank u for reading 😊

  17. I need help for my daughter who is 12 we have both been traumatized from domestic violence. I have been unable to work since I was stabbed several times and now have lots of health problems. We will accept anything as long as she can open gufts. She is 12 but she is behind a little like awww mentality of a 8-9 yr.old.Thank you so much just hope someone can help us.

  18. Sheena M

    I I’m a single mother of four children
    3 (boys)
    Town-Dorchester State-MA

    My boys like PlayStation games
    Remote control cars or planes
    Books,hands on activitys,basketball
    My daughter likes dolls,teddy bears,
    Hands on activity, easy bake oven

    It has been very hard for me this time of the year. I graduated culinary college 2012 it was hard times for me because being a single mother going to college full time,working and being a mom was hard but I finish and I was so happy that I could give my kids a better life but 6 month after I hurt my hand and became disabled With RSD
    regional sympathetic dystrophy nerve damage with chronic pain Syndrome
    It has been three years now and my condition is permanent I have to go though a lot of medical procedures especially in the winter. I’m also on meany medication that causes me to sleep most of my days sometimes I don’t even get to spend time with my kids. My brother helps out in my house with my kids. For the past three years it has been Hard to give them a good Christmas all I want is to see them happy … There father is not in there lives because about two years ago he assaulted me in front of my children
    And it has been very hard for them as well as for me …
    Thanks so much !!!! Sheena

  19. Carole

    Carole Roman
    Adamsville, AL
    [email protected]

    I have 3 boys age 12, 13, & 20. My husband is disabled and I am the only source of income for my family. I have never had to ask for help before, but my kids deserve to have something under the tree too, or even something special to each Christmas day would be nice.

    Eric is 12 and wears a mens 32×32 pant, mens M shirts, and size 9 shoes. He also likes LEGO blocks, and whittling.

    Stephen is 13 and wears a boys 16 Husky pant and Mens S shirts, and Mens size 10.5 shoes.

    Casey is 19 and wears a 38×30 pant size XXL shirts . He likes concert shirts or anything Batman!

    If you are moved by God to help us, I would greatly appreciate anything. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  20. Hi my name is Betty I’m a great grandma raising my 3 grandchildren 11-8 -3 the 3 yr old lost his dad in Oct he was run over by a patrol car and died in East cleve Ohio we desperately need toys clothing I just want to make Xmas for them I am I’ll and have no way of giving them a Xmas any help would be so very very much appreciate also we want a artificial tree God will bless whomever help me thank you

  21. Amber Byess

    Name- Amber Byess
    Live in Moody Alabama
    [email protected]

    I am a single mom of three angels, Mackenzie (GIRL) 8, George(BOY) 6, and Rhian (BOY) 2. First year ive fell into some hardships since our divorce.

    Mackenzie is an energetic little girl, she wears a size 7/8 in clothes and a size 1 in shoes. Her passion is cheering, dance and basketball. All shes asked for this year is a journal and a pair of boots, when I ask what else she just shrugs her shoulders.

    George is a boy full of energy, he loves to run jump and play so anything involving sports outdoors, cars or balls. He wears a 7 in boys and a 13 in shoes.

    Rhian is my miracle baby being two he doesn’t really have a wish list, he loves paw patrol, bubble guppies and racecars. Due to Rhians ears he cant play with loud toys as they hurt his ears. He wears a size toddler 8 in shoes and a 3t in clothes.
    I wanna thank in advance ive never had to do this and I appreciate all the help I can get for my babies.

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