Families in Need: Illinois Families Need Help

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families in need of helpThe following Illinois families have requested assistance for the holiday season. If you are searching for a family to help in Illinois, consider these families in need. If you are interested in helping one of these families, just leave a note below – it will not be made public but will be sent to my email. I will contact you and then the family if you choose to offer them assistance (do not send money). With permission from both parties, I will exchange your emails. From that point on, I am not responsible for any outcome that may result since I cannot vouch for either family. I do suggest you ask for verification and do a google search with their full name and address. I will add that the few matches that were made have had positive results, because donors were careful in making their choices. Thank you from everyone for your consideration!

From Contina (11/2011) hello my name is contina i think that is nice what you are doing for single parent mom i am a single parent and i have six children my fiance died a couple of years ago and its been hard to manage but the good is keeping me strong to be able to keep a meal on he table for a couple of years we have went without a tree and for you to be able to give one away that’s is very generous so i am hoping i am the single parent u will b able to give the tree too. my children with very much appreciate it this year and then maybe next year i will become fortunate that i can pass it on to another family that’s not able…. thank you and happy holidays
From Ebony (11/2011) My name is Ebony, I have 3 kids 9,4and 8mos. I can’t afford a tree or gift we really need help any and everything would help us out. Ebony H
From Tinka (11/2011) i am not working this x-mas so i cant afford gift this year my grand kids always expect a little some thing but this year is been hard a life of uncertainties i hope things get better for every one or i don’t know what is going to happen to all of us with no jobs.what going on is global all around the world. my prayer to all happy holidays and a better year god bless us all i hope some reads this and helps a little
From Liv (12/2010) This is beyond hard to do as much as it is to let my pride down and ask for sincere help. My partner and I are having a very…very hard time gathering needed funds to supply our children with gifts this year. One parent is working and I however am not. I’m a stay at home mother and have had my share of thoughts in how I will explain Christmas this year to my children. Im not asking for anything major but just asking for a little assistance as it has been a very rocky road for us all. Anything at this point we will all be extremely grateful for. Thank you all so much for taking the time to acknowledge my statement. I reside in Southern Illinois.
From Michelle (12/2010) I am desperately looking for some kind of Christmas help for my kids. Hubby has been out of work for 2 years despite looking every day and my full time hours have just been cut to 20 a week. I have a 12 year old and a 15 month old baby.
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10 thoughts on “Families in Need: Illinois Families Need Help

  1. Daniel

    Hi, I’m am looking for Christmas help for my 4 children 4 Christmas, I’m having a very hard this year and so behind on p so many bills. I have a son dan he’s 11 he’s so very simple and if he could give to children I know he would be doing that, then I have a 2 year old that love paw patrol frozen games but dealt is in need of clothing he’s like a 5t he’s a Lil butterball :) . My 11 yr old loves video games craftes sports. I don’t know what eles to say, we also don’t have a Christmas tree, witch is very sad for them , I will loo into see if one can be donated to my family. Thank you and God bless you. Rita.

  2. Laquita Willis

    My name is Laquita Willis and am a single parent of two kids,I recently lost my job and is need of some holiday help.i have a 7yr old daughter who loves Barbie and a 9yr old son who loves WWE figures.If you can please help us this holiday season it will greatly be appreciated.Thank You and God Bless

  3. shayveon moore

    hi my name is sahyveon moore i am 17yrs old, my mom pass away on may 18th of this year. me and my brother and sister 11 and 9 yrs old stays with my aunt, she is doing the best she can for us. my little brother and sister saw my mother pass away in front of them so they are takeing it very hard. christmas is sad for us this year because it will be the first one without our mother. last night i heard my aunt in her room crying because she did not know how she was going too be able too buys us coats and boots for the winter and pay her mortgage and light and gas and get us something for christmas. my aunt use her life saving too pay for my mother funeral my mom had no life insurance,my aunt has always help other people out never asking for anything in return that’s why it’s killing that our family has not help her with us she is takeing care of us by her self that’s why i love her so much she had to rise my mom and aunts and uncle when our grandmother pass away and now she has too rise us but she never complains about doing it. i hope someone can adopt my little bother and sister for christmas has for me the only thing i want is my mother back for christmas

  4. Josephine

    I am a mother of two. Ages 5 and 3Months old. My 5 year olds sixth birthday is also less then a week before christmas. The oldest father left us and refuses to pay child support even though its court mandiated. My youngest childs father was trying to support us and lost his job the day after thanksgiving. Leaving us to struggle with paying bills as it is, and christmas is coming and my oldest is can not break his heart he is soo excited about christmas. Please help my family.

  5. Benjamin

    Illinois: Needing help getting gifts for my two children, Juliet 10 and Austin 11. I live in Quincy IL. If you would like more info on me and my family please call or email me. I have no family out here and that makes things hard. I try to stay thankful for all I have but with Christmas so close the stress is wearing me down. I dont want people to know how bad things are so I say nothing. I work hard but it seems I cant save even a dollar. Im being laid off in a few weeks and that doesnt help. If there is anyone that could help please call or email me. Im a proud father and would never ask for help. But if i dont ask then I wont get help. Im a bench worker and roofer and would trade work for Christmas help this year. Thank you for reading my post. Benjamin R. Quincy IL 62301.

  6. Kimberly

    Hi, I am a single mother of 3 teenagers. I was out of work for a few months this year. In September I started working for a company as an Independent Contractor doing Property Field Inspections. I stopped working for the company a couple weeks ago because of their failure to pay me. I have applied to several companies for work with no luck. I finally contacted a previous employer and am meeting with them next week thankfully. If I get my job back I will have a couple checks before Christmas, but I am behind on bills because I didnt recieve my pay from the last company I wprked for. I do not receive nor have I ever received child support from their father. My children are great kids and are very understanding. I just hate the thought of them not having anything on Christmas. If anyone could help out I would gladly repay, give back, and pay it forward once I am caught up on bills. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  7. Patrice

    I’m a mother of four ages, 9, 7, 6 and 4. I lost my job in September and need help for christmas. I have a xmas tree from freecycle.org however there is nothing under it. Which is ok considering Santa always visits on Christmas Eve. I did a temporary job for manpower and with my 1 check paid the light bill and gas bill. With was left over I purchased coats to give them on christmas. My moms says its tacky. One gift each would be great. Thanks in advance

  8. Antoinette

    I am trying to find people that would be willing to send my son, who is seven, Christmas cards this year…he will not be having a Christmas otherwise…We cannot afford presents….but cards would brighten the holidays for him…thank you and God bless

  9. samantha

    I personally have no children but my older sister has 5. The eldest is 12, then its 9, 8, 6, and almost 7 (months). She is a single mother of five and receives no child support. Her landlord just passed away and his children have decided they are auctioning off the house, she was forced to find another place with higher rent. This was in addition to the security deposit and the last month’s rent. Due to the unexpected housing issue she was forced for her Christmas funds to turn into shelter funds. If there is ANYONE who can help her in any way I would do anything to keep the belief in Santa, miracles, and Christmas alive and well in these kids. I am a full-time student (18 credit hours) and only work part time and my savings went to buying my sister a tree because I’m desperately trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive, I know my sister would do it for me.

  10. faith fassero

    I am a mother of eight and I have 14 boy. And because 10 boy 8 boy 6 boy 3 boy 1 boy 7 girl 4 girl and because of all the bills and stuff I have know because I got in a car wreck I can barely mzke ends meet I really need someone to help my family

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