Families in Need Christmas Help | Planning for Christmas Help

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Fall arrives this weekend and that means Christmas will soon be here. There are many local agencies and charities who organize toy drives and clothing drives to help families in need at Christmas. It is heartbreaking to know that your child may have to wake up Christmas morning to find no toys or gifts of any kind waiting under a tree or at the foot of their bed. Even if money is scarce and you are need of help, there are possibly a few helpful things that you can do in preparation for your child’s Christmas so that there might be at least one or two toys and new clothes to bring a smile to a sad face.

1.  Sign Up Now! Most important, make a list of local organizations and charities that hold toy and clothing drives to help families in need at Christmas time. Suggestions are the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Toys for Tots, local Fire Company, Police Department, Catholic Charities, local newspapers, radio stations, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Chamber of Commerce, and your child’s school may have a fund, too.  Make a list with phone numbers and spend an afternoon or two calling to find out their policies dates to submit names and other information needed. Older children are often excluded, but you may be able to receive food for your holiday meal. While you have them on the phone, ask if they can suggest another organization or charity that you could contact.  Ask you friends and neighbors if they know of any. Sometimes there are smaller clubs that might help local children, but don’t advertise as much as the larger ones do.

2.  Consignment Shops and Thrift Shops. Many stores often clean out their inventory as the seasons change. Second-hand stores reduce their prices and donate the clothes that haven’t sold. Go into the store, let them know that your family is need and would like to know where they donate their unsold clothing so that you could contact that organization. Who knows, they might tell you to come back when they are ready to donate them.

3.  Consignment and Thrift Shops 2. These very discount stores also have slightly used toys at much lower prices than the stores sell them for. If you can save some money between now and Christmas, you could buy your child a toy and he wouldn’t know it wasn’t brand new. Kids love getting  toys even if they aren’t new!

4.  Free Craft Project Ideas. Go on the Internet and find easy, inexpensive gifts to make that your kids would love because you made them with love. Learn to crochet a hat, knit a scarf, decorate a T-shirt or tote bag.  I actually bought an inexpensive cloth tote bag at AC Moore for each of my granddaughters and ironed on a few decorations and then painted their name with glittery puff paint on the other side. Don’t forget to add a heart or two! They loved their bags.

5.  Clothing (and more) Swap. Do you have friends with kids about the same size and go to different schools? Have a clothing swap get together without the kids. Surprise them at Christmas with their “new clothes.” When they go back to school, they’ll have new outfits, too!  Also, you might even be able to swap toys, CDs, DVDs, and books.

6.  FreeSale.com  Join a group in your area and see what others are posting to give away. All you’ll have to do is to arrange to pick up the items. You might find bikes, clothing, toys, beds, and more!

7.  Free for the Taking. Many towns have “clean-up” days. Ours is the first Wednesday of the month. The next town over has theirs on the third Tuesday. Families, instead of taking items to a thrift or consignment shop or selling their things on eBay, just place them out to the curb knowing someone will take them away. We found, on three different occasions, battery operated Jeeps that our grandkids love to ride around the yard and driveway. All we had to do was clean them up and buy a $60 battery each time instead of paying over $300 for each – which we’d never do!  Another time, we found a child’s stand up basketball hoop minus the net, but our two-year old grandson doesn’t care. Bikes are often found at the curb, too. Find out when the local towns have their clean-up days and start going around a couple of days or even the weekend before in search of free items that might make good gifts with a little TLC!

 Wwith some pre-Christmas planning, you might be able to give your child a smile for Christmas!




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16 thoughts on “Families in Need Christmas Help | Planning for Christmas Help

  1. Ms.NJ

    Bridgeton, NJ: Hi I am 25 and I have three children ages 9,8, and 7. I just recently graduated from community college and because of the state the economy is in I am receiving public assistances. I don’t get alot but what I do get I have to pay the balance of the classes of my tuition because I ran out of financial aid. I know it seems unnecessary but I can’t get my degree until my balance is paid off. It hurts because it seems as if im stuck between a rock in a hard place. I have to chose to for presents for them because they are too young to understand or pay my balance off so I can continue my education so that one day I can be able to provide for not only my children but to give back to others who are in need. I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I sit and say maybe they wont notice but it hurts when my 3 yr old see something on tv and ask if I can tell santa to bring that for her for christmas. She also states “I’ve been such a good girl mommy”.. it brings tears to my eyes bc I don’t know how to tell her that christmas will be canceled for us this year.

  2. Nikki

    California (southern): I have a 9 foot Christmas tree with lights and ornaments that I would like to donate to a local charity or hospital, can you help me?

  3. LINDA


  4. Linda

    Walk by faith im not alone Amen.My family is in need of Christmas help its been a hard year for us we lost two great lovin mothers and it is very hard to explain life circle and not having Christmas when u r financially hurting please i pary help me with my children age 12, 09 my girls and 10,06 my boys Thank you god bless

  5. Kelly

    I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children (ages 17 yr old girl,15 yr old boy,9 yr old girl,and 8 yr old boy). 17 months ago I was hurt at work and now have four bulging discs in my neck and have been suffering from depression/anxiety and seizures…WHAT A LIFE CHANGE!!! But I have strong faith in god and know I will get through this. My wish is to be able to make a Christmas for my children (or get my heat turned on)…My older 2 children help out around the neighborhood to make extra spending money for them-selves (have been doing this for about a year or so) The other day they came to me with a bag full of wrapped gifts they went and bought for my younger children and said ” Mom our gift to you this year is to help you make a great Christmas for our little brother and sister” AMAZING is all I can say!!! So my wish is to be able to make this a special Christmas for them and let them know just how AMAZING they are!! My 17 year old is is graduating this year with Honors and she is going off to college in the fall and my 15 yr old is a 10th grader who is in senior and college prep classes and he is an A/B honor student….I am so blessed and thank God daily!! I am not asking for alot…any little bit will help!!!

    Prayers are always welcome too!!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  6. Landina H

    WASHINGTON: Hello, My name is Landina I am a mother of 2 I have a wonderful beautiful 6 year old boy and I just recently had a little girl 2 months. I am 21 years old an I have no way possible to give my son the christmas he deserves. I spent every dime I have to my name on baby stuff for my newborn so I could bring her home. An I was wondering if there was an angel out there that would be willing to assist me in making my sons wishes possible. He is a great kid an he deserves a great christmas… Please an Thank you it would be greatly appriciated…

  7. Tammy

    Hi everyone,

    MASSACHUSETTS – Norton area: Not sure if this is where I would post, but I am doing my best to be strong during this holiday season. I have recently moved to Massachusetts from Maine to help my best friend and her daughter. My BF’s husband had been wrongfully taken from their home and he was the only money maker in the family due to their daughters disability that needs her mother around her 24 hours a day. Not only do they have very little money right now, they are trying to afford a lawyer to get him home for the holidays.

    I personally know that she will not ask for help. She has never had to ask for anything before as they had been able to afford things, but now that her husband is gone, she doesnt know what to do. I moved down here for her and her daughter to give them mostly moral and mental support as I live off of very limited funds and I have a child myself. Does anyone know of any places that would help my best friend and her kids out over the holidays? Would there be a place that would help me since I am out of state? I usually get help from my local places, but since I am not there (and wont be back there until her husband is back home), I am in need. I have a 4 year old girl and she has a 9 year old girl.

    Please let me know if you know of any places that could possibly help us.

    Thank you so much!


  8. luvsunnydays

    Hi Cheryl: Your kids sound amazing and so don’t you :) What state do you live in?

    • Nana

      Cheryl lives in Florida.

  9. kathy

    TEXAS: Hi my nM E iS Kathy I am on disabilty and I am a single parant of two and I have my 2 grandchlidren I live on only what I get from ssi I have no way of getting christmas from my childern please if anyone can help my daughter has Parry Romberg syndrom and pcos she is 14 my son is 12 my granddaugter is 6 and my grandson id 6 mths old I also take care of my 73 year old father at this point I sleep in my garge.If anyone can help. texas 75149

  10. Terry N

    I would appreciate any help anyone can give us for these children.

  11. Terry N

    TEXAS: My husband and I have custody of a 7 yr old boy and 9 yr old girl. They are my great-nephew and great-niece. We also have my 16 year old grandaughter. My sister has custody of two great-nieces ages 11 & 12 year old girls and we all live together. I have been the bread winner but I have been out of work since January. I have no way of providing Christmas for these children. I would appreciate it if anyone can help us. Thank you so much for anything you can help us with.

  12. Michelle m

    MARYLAND: im on ssi i only get 101 in food stamps .i really need help if you no anyone please let other people no. thank you michelle m

  13. mariah t

    ARIZONA: I am a single mother of a one year old and another on the way, I live in asmall town which makes it very hard to find employment. I am on des assistance for food and live with my mother because I cant pay for a place on my own until I have baby. globe az

  14. alicia f

    ARIZONA: I adopted my daughter alittle over a year ago and things have gone down hill in the last couple of months ,so I have been applying for any help I can get . She will be 3 nest month and I was wondering if you could show me where to go for christmas help and any other help for her I may qualify for. I live in pinal county arizona

  15. Cheryl L

    I have been searhing the WEB to try and find some help for Christmas. It has been a struggle for some years now to provide anything for my kids. I am now living on SSD after a career as a Respiratory Therapist for many yrs. I faced a long battle with Stage 3, Cancer of the Breast, much chemo, radiation & 3 surgeries at Moffitt. Although I have tried to return to work, the toxicity has traumatized my body so that I now battle Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, pain, diabetes, etc. In spite of all of this I feel very Blessed to have the strength to continue to raise my kids. My youngest is now 13, a child I conceived from a 6 yr relationship in which his father disappeared when I refused to abort. We were both 40 at the time, and I was already raiseing my beautiful daughter who was 5 alone (another deadbeat). My daughter is now a college student in need of many things,but she does work p/t & helps me all she can. My son has never received anything but all “A”s on his report cards in a Gifted program in a Fundamental Middle School. He will come out of 8th grade with over 7 HS Credits. He has big dreams of attending an Ivy League College and becoming a surgeon or Scientific Researcher. I have amazing kids who I have raised 100% alone, as their fathers have never spent a minute in their lives..

    My amazing son has no video game systems, Ipods, or the other things kids take for granted. We were given an old Xbox 2 when my friends kids got new stuff, but unfortunately we only have one TV, and it is the really big old 19″, & cannot be used for those game devices. I know that a TV is one thing my kids really want. I did manage to buy a ccomputer thru AARONs, which I paid monthly, so they could do their schoolwork.

    Every kid deserves Christmas, but my kids have been thru so much,& ask for so little. My daughter is 18 now, but I have not been able to do anything special for her for so many yrs, & she actually worries about getting things for her little bro…a very unselfish girl!

    I would be so grateful if there was anyone who could help me make a Christmas for my kids. I struggle every month to even pay bills, never a cent left for even a movie. If we had a TV to even get Redbox it would be awesome. My son loves to read, books are his best friends he has always said, and my girl loves clothes (of course)…I hope there is someone out there who took the time to read my story and has the ability to make a mom very happy and more relaxed this season. God Bless You Always in ALL WAYS!!!

    thank you and Happy Holidays!
    Please know anything at all would be so helpful…there are so many that are in need …

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