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Connecting Families: Artificial Christmas Tree Donations

Many people just throw out their artificial Christmas trees to be picked up at the curb as trash. Donating artificial Christmas trees to low income families in need, or charitable organizations who service families in need, would be a wonderful way to help create a merry Christmas. Recycling artificial Christmas trees will also be beneficial for the environment by reducing the amount of trees sent to the landfill.

If you have an artificial Christmas tree (and Christmas lights) to donate (as instructed below), please leave a comment. I’ll be in touch to try to connect you with a family in need of a Christmas tree donation.

Families in Need of an Artificial Christmas Tree Donation

If you are a family in need of an artificial Christmas tree this year because you cannot afford a Christmas Tree, please leave a comment below. If I receive an offer of a Christmas tree donation in your area, I will attempt to connect you with the donor.

If you are a charitable organization who would like to receive artificial Christmas tree and Christmas lights donations to distribute to local families in need of assistance, please leave a comment below.

Include in the comment box below:

  • contact name
  • email
  • town/city
  • state
  • family or charitable organization
  • name of organization
  • donor or recipient

Once I receive your comment, I will respond by email for further information. I hope, together, we will be able brighten up Christmas for many children this year.

Disclaimer: I am unable to assist in the delivery of the trees nor contribute any financial assistance. My role is to only connect donors and recipients, if possible. I am not responsible for anything beyond that.
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