Care Packages for Soldiers

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It’s the day after Halloween and we, unfortunately, have a large basket full of chocolate candy bars. While I was getting breakfast this morning, the radio caught my ear. I briefly heard the end of a commentary on how we can help our troops overseas by donating leftover Halloween candy to be included in care packages for soldiers. I went on the Internet and searched for the topic.  I found Operation Gratitude, located in California.

Why do our soldiers need candy in their military care packages?

Why do American soldiers need our left over Halloween candy? I thought maybe because the soldiers enjoyed receiving the candy for themselves, but that isn’t the only reason. Our soldiers give the candy to the children where they are stationed…in turn, the children give them information which could possibly save the lives of our soldiers.

What other things do our soldiers need?

Here are four other ways you can help our American soldiers:

  1. donate your old beanie babies which the soldiers also use to befriend the local children, as they do with the candy…
  2. knit/crochet 5″ x 50″ scarves for The Scarf Project which hopes to collect 80,000 scarves for the holiday packages…
  3. make hand-made greeting cards the soldiers can use to write to their loved ones…
  4. write personal letters to be included in care packages to the troops.

If your organization or troop is looking for a community service project, organize a Collection Drive for military care packages for soldiers.  Guidelines for writing the letters to soldiers are given on the website. I imagine they need all these items ASAP in order for the care packages to reach the soldiers in time for Christmas.  Monetary donations are also gratefully accepted. It costs Operation Gratitude $11 to send each care package overseas.  Visit Operation Gratitude to find how to hold a collection drive, donate the above items, or make a monetary donation.

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