Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

break the cycle of povertyBreaking the cycle of poverty isn’t easy. If it were, I wouldn’t be starting this conversation. And that is just what I want this to be…a conversation about how you or those you know have found a way to break the cycle or at least put a kink in it to slow it down.

The cycle of poverty is the set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, has continued for three or more generations unless there is outside intervention, such as education. As I see it, here are some of the causes of the cycle of poverty beginning or continuing in the United States…

  • a baby is born to a young couple with an unstable relationship…the “father” doesn’t stay involved and the responsibility of raising the child is solely on the mother
  • responsibility of parenthood prevents mother from finishing high school or beyond to prepare for a financially secure future
  • level of school work becomes too difficult for the parent to help the child
  •  parent is too busy trying to provide for her child to be able to take the time needed to support learning
  •  mother becomes discouraged herself and this filters down to her child
  • parent is not able to keep her child involved in structured extra-curricular activities allowing for too much unstructured, unsupervised time which eventually leads to trouble
  • more often than not, the single mother repeats her own cycle and has more than one child to support

…and the cycle continues when her child becomes of age…unless the young mother was fortunate enough to have a support system of family and friends who themselves were not caught up in this cycle of poverty and despair.

There is another barrier to breaking they cycle…the past is blamed for the present which blocks the future. The past is the past…the future hasn’t happened yet so why not invent a new one…take a new path instead of staying on the old one!

Am I wrong? I know there are exceptions to this…those who have broken the cycle of poverty or are working very hard to do so for themselves and most importantly, for their child…for their future.

Education is Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Education is free. Teachers are willing to help children who are motivated. Many schools have after school programs to help students improve their skills. Schools have computer labs and many are available after school for student and family use. The Internet has many free videos, games, and worksheets to support classroom learning. Public libraries have free Internet for local residents.

These educational resources aren’t only available for the children. Parents who wish to help their children can contact their teachers and ask for help in learning the focus of their lessons. Parents can take the time to read the textbook lessons and doing the homework beginning from the earliest years. Parents can learn with their children…even ask the children to explain the work to them! That alone will help the child retain and apply their new skills.

 Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Stories

The reason I’ve written this post is to find moms who have done this, have broken the cycle or are in the process of breaking the cycle of hardship and poverty…who have or are on the path of improving their life’s situation for them and their children. I welcome these stories in hope that other moms in similar situations can take something away with them to help break the cycle for their family’s future. If you wish to share your situation and how you are making a difference, please use “Contact Nana” above. For comments, see below.

I also welcome comments with thoughts on the statements I made in this post.

Thank you for visiting!

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