Artificial Christmas Trees: Donate or Reuse

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What to Do with Your Artificial Christmas Trees

donate or reuse artificial christmas treesChristmas is over and perhaps you are considering taking your artificial Christmas trees to the recycling center.  Stop! Artificial Christmas trees can’t be recycled. You must leave your artificial Christmas trees at the curb with the trash. Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are many, many families who were unable to have a Christmas tree for their children to enjoy this year and would appreciate an artificial Christmas tree donation. I’ve received many requests from families in need of Christmas trees on this website. Even though they can’t afford presents, they would each love to have a Christmas tree – a symbol of hope for better things to come.

Donate Your Artificial Christmas Trees

So, before you discard your artificial Christmas trees, donate it directly to a family in need. First, ask friends, neighbors, and colleagues if they know of a family who is in need of a free Christmas tree donation.  If they don’t have a family in need to refer you to, list your free Christmas tree on your local Freecycle Network. While you are at it, take time to clean out other unwanted items and add them to your list such as toys, clothing, electronics, instruments, paint, books, bikes, furniture, and more.  You might even find items that you might be able to use, too. It is always better to give, and it is always better to reuse than recycle. If that doesn’t work for you, hold onto  until you or a friend holds a garage sale. You can put a “free” sign on your artificial Christmas trees. I’m sure it will go to a family in need.

Another option to discard your artificial Christmas tree for reuse is to donate the tree directly to a local charity to be offered to a family in need. Contact local churches, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other charitable agencies and non-profits and let them know you have an artificial tree to donate. They may accept your tree donation at that time or ask you to wait until the next Christmas season. If you are unable to find a family or organization to donate your artificial Christmas tree to, contact local schools, community centers and churches.  Decorate a small artificial tree with miniature lights and ornaments for the children’s floor of your community’s hospital.

Creative Ways to Reuse Artifical Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees have parts that can be taken and reused in creative new ways. For families in need looking for ways to earn additional income, consider collecting discarded artificial Christmas trees and make indoor and outdoor holiday decorations to sell.

I found these indoor decoration ideas for artificial Christmas tree reuses on  ”I would probably salvage the better branches and refashion them into napkin rings, candle rings, wreaths, swags or other decorations for walls, doors etc.  I sell Christmas crafts, so I would try to sell them at the various craft fairs I get involved in.”

Also, for the kids use the tree top for a small tree they can decorate and keep in their room. Use a color scheme that matches their room or favorite colors or a theme based on their favorite story, character, band, movie, etc.

For outdoor decoration ideas, consider these: If you are attached to your artificial tree, anchor it outside and decorate it for each holiday throughout the year. The kids will love to help! Birds and other animals will use it for cover.  Make some bird feeders with your children to hang through the winter.

You can even make a snowflake, spray it with artificial snow, and hang it with lights for an outdoor ornament to be displayed in a window or on the house.

If you are more creative than I am, use artificial Christmas tree branches to form reindeer or a sled to decorate for the Christmas season. Artificial wreaths can be made for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

How to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Wreath

When we decided it was time to replace our first artificial Christmas tree, my husband took the branches and made wreaths from them. One of the wreaths, he placed on his father’s headstone. When he and his brothers were young, the made wreaths from live pine branches and sold them for extra income. Making the wreath for his father’s headstone had a sentimental connection.

You can find additional directions on how to make a wreath at and How to Make an Easy Pine Wreath. Add decorative bows or ornaments by gluing or tying them onto the wreath made from an artificial Christmas tree.

To learn about the interesting history artificial Christmas trees, visit Lowes’ website.

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5 thoughts on “Artificial Christmas Trees: Donate or Reuse

  1. Amy

    Hi I have a 4 1/2 foot and a 3 1/2 foot tree both have lights and also some ornaments and decorations. Would like to give someone! Colorado springs colorado

    • Nana

      Amy, thank you! I will reach out to find families for your trees. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Rosalyne

    Please help a single mom in lake worth florida.

    • Nana

      Rosalyne, please provide more information as to ages, sizes, wants and needs of the children.

  3. Annette McCary

    Hello.I’m writing to ask is there any help available for my grandkids for Christmas? I have three grandkids ages 13, 11, and 7 in which we de desperately need help with this year for Christmas. My daughter is currently not working,therefore we or I need help with Items for the kids. I am on a fixed income and barely have enough money each month to make ends meet.Although, I try each and every month to help her with my grands! If we don’t get any help or assistance this year it will be three straight Christmas Holidays that they will not be getting anything for Christmas. My grandkids are angels, please tell us why do the under privileged children have to suffer? We are poor but we are rich in God! Please help Us!!!!! Thank You. Sincerely.

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