11 Easy, Inexpensive Homemade Christmas Gifts

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The value in the gift is not in the price tag, it is in the sentiment with which it is given. In this economy, most of us have had to cut back in our Christmas gift giving and some of us don’t have anything to spend at all. There are ways that we can give gifts to our loved ones and dear friends by making easy, inexpensive homemade Christmas gifts. I’ve searched the Internet for 10 easy, inexpensive homemade gifts of which you’ll find listed below plus one of my own. I chose these gifts because first of all, I would enjoy receiving them, and second of all I believe most of them would become keepsakes to cherish in years to come.

Note: Most the the purchased items needed for these homemade Christmas gifts can be found at a dollar or discount store.

1. Family Cookbook – Gather up treasured family recipes and copy them into a colorful purchased journal from a dollar store. Or, print them on pretty recipe cards fitted into a categorized recipe box – which I’ve also found in discount stores.

2. Oven Mitt Gift or Christmas Stocking or bandanna or handkerchief or cloth napkin – Line with colored cellophane, fill with any treat such as homemade fudge, brownies, cookies, jellybeans, or nuts favored by the recipient and tie with a bright ribbon.

3. Bake a bundt cake or round cake with the hole in the center. Make a small nosegay of silk flowers in an inexpensive miniature bud vase and place in the center. Wrap with colored cellophane and a bow.

The following easy, inexpensive homemade gifts can be found by clicking on the link…

4. Paper Bag Scrapbook – this is great!

5. Friendship Bracelets – teens love these

6. Sock Monkey – my grandkids love this

7. Homemade Beaded Candles – very easy

8. Dish Towel Angel -(a favorite of mine!

9. Free Printable Personalized Calendar – I make these every year with updated photos of from the past year

10. No Sew Sachet Pillows from FamilyFun.com – easy, inexpensive gifts for children to make:

Even kids who don’t sew can help fashion a bunch of these fragrant, colorful sachets. It’s a great way to use up all your fabric remnants.


* Fabric scraps
* Fabric glue
* Potpourri, such as lavender flowers or balsam fir needles


1. For each sachet, place 2 matching 5-inch fabric squares back-to-back and glue the edges together on 3 sides. Spread the glue close to the edges to prevent fraying.

2. Once the glue is dry, fill the sachet with about 1/2 cup of potpourri. Then glue together the open edges and again let the glue dry.

3. Arrange the finished sachets in multicolored stacks and tie them together with a festive ribbon or yarn.

One more easy, inexpensive homemade gift idea:

I make great (if I say so myself) crumb cake. I make the cake thin so I get several from one cake mix and bring them into school for the staff to help themselves. It is appreciated and it is much less expensive than buying individual gifts for the secretaries and friends.

Do you have ideas for homemade gifts to make? What homemade Christmas gifts have you made that were successful! Please share them with us!

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