Help End Senior Hunger in Charlotte NC

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help end senior citizen hungerHelp End Senior

Hunger is prevalent for seniors throughout the United States. Many don’t know where their next meal will come from, many don’t have the mobility or the income. Do you have any idea what the statistics are for hunger among senior citizens? If you live in Mississippi, your state is ranked no. 1 for risk of older adult hunger. My state of New Jersey is ranked no. 37. California is ranked no. 13…not so lucky are they! Find your states ranking HERE.

AARP Foundation

I follow AARP on my Twitter account. Today I received a Tweet asking for volunteers to package one million meals for seniors in need of meals age 50 and older in Charlotte, NC. I don’t live in North Carolina, but I  hope some of my readers do. Not only will you get a warm, fuzzy feeling by helping senior citizens, you can also meet some celebrities!

Here is some information from the Drive to End Hunger website:  AARP and AARP Foundation, in collaboration with the charitable organization Outreach, Inc., are bringing together thousands of volunteers to package one million nutritious meals as part of Drive to End Hunger. Be a part of this extraordinary two day effort to help fight hunger among people 50 and older in your community and across North Carolina.. All packaged meals will help feed people 50 and older in North Carolina. Please join us – together we can leave hunger in the dust.  Find out more ▸

Other Ways to Help

If you can’t make it to Charlotte NC and you want to help end hunger for older adults, you can donate or volunteer in your community, and spread the word by blogging, linking to, chatting, sharing, and retweeting to family, friends, and followers.

Resources for Food and Meal Assistance

If you are searching for food assistance for an older adult or for yourself, contact the following organizations:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Sign up for SNAP, which helps more than 40 million people put healthy food on the table each month. SNAP Benefits Map ▸
  • Feeding America – Need food assistance? Reach out to your local food bank to find a food pantry or soup kitchen near you. Feeding America ▸
  • Meals on Wheels - Sign up for Meals on Wheels, the oldest and largest national organization composed of local community-based Senior Nutrition Programs. Meals on Wheels ▸
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