Gift Ideas | 10 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day Gifts

…or Gifts for Dad for any occasion…

There’s nothing that makes a child happier than to give a homemade gift to Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, trophyor Teacher. Making a gift not only helps develop hand-eye coordination and other developmental skills, it also builds self-esteem which are necessary for growing up healthy. Helping a child make the homemade gift is a perfect opportunity for increasing a bond between the child and a significant adult or sibling.

For Father’s Day gift ideas, keep in mind that homemade gifts have advantages over purchased gifts:

  • more meaningful to the recipient
  • becomes a keepsake to cherish
  • more affordable than store bought gift
  • personalization can be added easily
  • homemade gifts are unique

Cheap Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

The following inexpensive, easy homemade gift ideas are perfect as Father’s Day gifts…visit the websites for full instructions:

  • Construct #1 Dad and #1 Son T-Shirts

Not much is cuter than seeing a dad and his son wearing matching T-shirts. Kids can make crafty shirts that are personalized for their beloved dads. All you need to get started is some blank T-shirts, fabric and fabric paint. Step-by-step instructions can be found at

  • Personalized Handprint Coasters

Make coasters Dad will treasure forever. Using tumbled marble tiles (available at most hardwood stores), stamp a decorative pattern. Then place your little one’s handprint on the tile. Make sure to cover the tile in a waterproof glaze to prevent the ink from fading or washing away.  For complete directions, visit

  • Personalized Boxers

Monogram a pair of boxer shorts to furnish his dresser drawers. (Confirm Dad’s current waist size before proceeding.) Purchase iron-on letter patches at fabric stores. Place the letters D-A-D on the lower corner of the shorts and iron. Detailed directions can be found at

  • Family Marble Magnets

Give a set of magnets to Dad and he will need no reminder of how much you love him! These make a perfect gift for Father’s Day or any holiday gift. Visit to find out how.

  • Trophy for Dad

Give Dad a shiny, gold trophy made with love for Father’s Day to show him he’s #1.  Personalize it because Dad is one of a kind. The trophy is a handmade Father’s Day gift idea from

  • Footprint T-Shirt for Dadfootprshirt1

Make a fun t-shirt full of real footprints and a special message. A great Father’s Day gift idea for Grandad, too! An easy to make T-shirt gift that can be found at

  • Make a Change Holder for Dad!

Get a seashell (you can usually find these at craft stores) about the size of your hand with your fingers spread out. Pick the deepest one(s) out and have your children decorate with paint, stickers, glitter, etc. Write Happy Father’s Day, the date, and your child’s name on the back of it. Now Dad can put it on the dresser or nightstand and put his change in one spot at the end of the day. This is especially great for younger children because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require very much skill. Frugal homemade gifts from Better Budgeting,com.

  • Father’s Day Book

“Each year the kids write their dad a letter about whatever they want (no help from mom). Then they decorate their page and we print a picture of all 5 kids together on our computer and that serves as the cover of their “Father’s Day Book.” We staple all the pages together. They love doing this and he loves reading his book. We have been doing this for about 6 years now and he still loves to go back and read his books from the kids and so do they!” More cheap homemade gifts can be found at  Better

  • Framed Photo for Dad’s Rearview Mirror

With just a few inexpensive items, Dad will have a keepsake to take with him every time he gets in his car. This popular Father’s Day craft is easy to make and is a Father’s Day gift that will last for years to come – just replace the picture each year! Get directions from

  • TV Remote Control Holder for Dad

Every Dad can use this gift! Make one for each room with a TV…use a container large enough for all Dad’s remotes! This Father’s Day gift was found at

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