Families in Need: One Birthday Gift for My Child

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Every child has at least one birthday gift they’d love to receive on their birthday. Some children are fortunate enough to receive most of the birthday gifts on their wish list while others may not receive even one birthday gift.

One Birthday Gift for My Child

One Birthday Gift for My Child is new to Nana Finds Ways to Help. Families in need may submit up to 5 birthday gift requests noting first, second, etc. choices, each valued up to approximately $30, and easily mailed or shipped within the United States. Nana Finds Ways to Help will publish your child’s (grandchild’s) birthday gift request in hopes that a reader will be interested in helping with your need to provide a birthday gift for your child.

Requests should be made as early as possible with the information listed below. Information noted as private will remain private until you directly submit it to the person responding to your request. Be aware, more information may be requested and/or a background check may be made before the donor decides to send a birthday gift to your child.

How to Submit a Birthday Gift Request

Submit your child’s (grandchild’s) birthday gift request below in the comment box after reading this post – request must be made by the parent or grandparent. Each child’s request is to be submitted separately. Requests are not seen by others until Nana approves them. There are no guarantees and offers are not binding, but I do hope and expect that birthday gift requests and offers will be made in good faith. For obvious safety concerns, do not meet in person…do not ask for or give cash…do not give personal banking or social securitty numbers…etc.

Note: If there is more than one child in the family, submit each request separately! If not all information is submitted as requested, your request may not be published. Do not submit requests more than one time.

Child’s age and birthday:
Child’s First Name:
Parent’s/Grandparent’s First and Last Name:
Street Address (priavte):
Town (private), State, Zip (private):
Phone No (private):
Why your child deserves to be considered:
Family in Need brief background:

It will be noted that there are requests for other children in the family…giving first name and birthday date as a reference.

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4 thoughts on “Families in Need: One Birthday Gift for My Child

  1. Amanda Hedges

    My son is turning 13 on September 15,2016 and i am a single mother i can not work because when i had cancer 6 years ago and if anyone could please help. His name is Raven and my name is Amanda. God bless you all and if anyone could please help my email address is [email protected] if you want to contact me thank you so much and God bless you all.
    ip address: West Columbia, South Carolina

  2. Hi my name is Megan Aguas.
    My daughter Jayla birthday is on Aug 13, I’m sad because this year I don’t have the income to get her any gifts.
    I am awaiting disability because of a car accident I was in,
    my husband works so hard to make sure me and our two children have what we need but sometimes it comes down to spending the last dollar on bills or food.
    Jayla is so excited for her birthday but I can’t tell her I can’t get her anything I just keep searching for help.
    Both of my children are growing out of their clothes everytime I turn around now they both need clothes again also. Please if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
    ip address: Bladensburg, MD

  3. Melody Blackburn

    I have a 11 year old boy whos birthday is dec 18th I am unable to buy him anything would love any help I can get.. He is my grandson and I have been raising him since he was 2. His dad is in a federal pen and not in his life…

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