Celebrity Fragrances for Teen Granddaughters

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Within the past decade, young women celebrities have shown their business and creativity skills by getting involved in creating their own fragrances for young women…and men. Even if their character may be questionable at times, their leadership roles in the business world must be commended. Unlike some celebrities though, these discounted fragrances are 100% authentic.

For the upcoming holiday seasons, why not buy your teen granddaughter one of these popular celebrity designer fragrances at discounted, affordable prices…She’ll think you’re really cool, grandma! After each fragrance, read about the celebrity designer.


In 2004, Paris Hilton released her first fragrance, aptly named Paris Hilton. The scent was such a success that it increased business for her production firm, Parlux Fragrances, by over 40%. The success of her namesake perfume line was followed by other launches, including Just Me, and Heiress. In the fall of 2007 Paris launched her fourth women’s fragrance line, Can Can. Never one to forget the men in her life, Paris also created men’s fragrance lines that include Just Me, Paris Hilton Man and Heir.

Spears released her first fragrance, Curious, in 2004, followed by Fantasy in 2005. Spears earned a reported $12 million for Curious, which was the largest debut in sales in history, breaking Elizabeth Arden’s record for first-week gross for a perfume. In 2005, Curious perfume netted more than $100 million, and was the number one fragrance in department stores in both 2004 and 2005.


Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance consists of two perfumes, Lovely and Covet. Lovely perfume is described as a “timeless, ageless fragrance,” and is available in both spray and wand applications. Body lotion, bath & shower gel, and body butter are also offered as part of the Lovely collection. Covet perfume bills itself as “precious, feminine, and seductive.” The Covet collection likewise includes body lotion and shower gel, as well as a solid perfume that comes in a jewel-inspired compact.

GLOW by Jennifer Lopez for WOMEN

Lopez was among the first celebrities to launch her own fragrance. Her first scent, Glow by jlo, was released in 2002. The perfume was an immediate hit with consumers, with record breaking sales, thanks to the fresh, clean, yet sensual notes. Today, her fragrance portfolio includes five popular scents, Glow by jlo, Glow after Dark by jlo, Still Jennifer Lopez, Live by Jennifer Lopez and Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez. Her next scent is rumored to be called “Desire” and will be launched in 2007.

This frangrance was introduced in 2007. There isn’t any other information offered by FrangranceNet.


If these celebrities or their fragrances are not appealing to you or your granddaughter, use this search box to find one that is. I’m sure you will!

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