Math Bingo Helps Children Learn Addition

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Help your child learn addition with this fun game. Children learn math best when they are having fun so grasp the opportunity to spend quality time while helping your child learn addition with Math Bingo.
All you need is a deck of cards, a playing grid (drawn or printed), and some markers.

Game materials for 2 players:

  • 1 deck of cards, 0 – 10: Use the Joker as 0 by taping a large printed 0 on the face side.
  • 1 grid for each player: Draw the grid or use Word, create a 4×4 table with 16 blank cells and print enough for each player for several game rounds.
  • About 20 counters for each player: use pennies, M&Ms, or small round markers


  • Each player fills in the blank 4×4 grid with numbers 0 to 18. Players may write the same number twice, but not more than twice.
  • A player shuffles the cards and places them face down in a stack. Players take turns taking two top cards from the stack. If the sum of the numbers is a number on the player’s grid, that player places a penny, M&M, or other marker on that number. If there is already a counter on that number, the player places another counter on top of it.
  • The first player to get four counters in a row, column, or diagonal calls out “Bingo.” If, by the time the cards have all been used, no player has gotten four in a row, then the player with more counters on the grid wins.

Game Variation:

  • If more than two players want to play and no one gets four in a row before all the cards have been used, they shuffle the cards and continue playing, using the deck again.

Click here for more math Bingo game variations.

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