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Playing poker online will be legalized in New Jersey if voters pass a referendum that may be put before them in play free poker onlineNovember. But, I don’t think that is a good idea. Why make it easier for people to accumulate debt when they are probably already in need of money to pay the bills?

We all dream once in a while about that just one lucky moment that could take care of our money problems. How many people do you know that get lucky easily, or at all? Do you know anyone who bets, whether it be for fun or for money, who actually comes out ahead and stays there? Those involved in the business of gaming like it when their customers win because they know most times they’ll be back to make more bets. Once you get a taste of winning with both excitement and money gained, it is very difficult to resist another attempt to relive that one lucky moment.

I live near a race track, just a few miles down the road. We go only once every summer and when we do go, we take only $30 to play with. It is so easy to get into it and hard to remember it is all just by chance and maybe some knowledge…if you follow the horses and understand the odds posted on the board. Most of us can’t do that and that is why we lose more than we win…unless it is that one lucky moment…that most likely won’t return. It just came to mind…what will happen to this New Jersey race track if intrastate gaming is allowed online? More jobs lost…probably.

Fortunately, games of chance don’t always have to involve real money. I’ve been writing about learning to how play poker, which I think is fun and something we can play with our grown kids this summer while we’re on vacation together. We’ll play money free…we’ll play with candy.

In the meantime, we can all practice by participating in free online poker games where we can play with “free money”  without the worry of losing and with the enjoyment of playing poker.

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