Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party

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As a grandmother raising your granddaughter, are you looking for a fun activity to bring you closer together? In my search for fun activities, Nana found a Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party that you can plan and prepare together to bring you closer together.

As part of the Tea Party fun, plan a fun activity to teach your granddaughter a new craft using skills you learned when you were young(er) such as knitting, embroidery, crocheting, or making Hemp Bracelets (Klutz)(my 7 year old’s favorite) or Spool Knit Jewelry: Make Beautiful Bracelets, Anklets and Rings (Klutz) (remember spool knitting?) with an inexpensive kit from a craft or bookstore, or with your own supplies and instructions.

For the younger granddaughter, give her tea party storybooks (examples: Tasha’s Tea Party: A Lift-the-Flap Board Book (Backyardigans) or Emily’s Tea Party (Sticker Stories) or The Dolls’ Tea Party (Sticker Stories)) to read with her which is always a special grandmother and grandchild time.

During the Tea Party planning and preparation, keep Tea Party journals (check dollar stores for blank journals) and share them at the end of your tea party. Make this an annual event for the two of you. As your granddaughter grows up, you can change the decorations, menu, and gift but be sure to continue writing in your original journals. Over the years, it will be fun to look back and reminisce.

For the younger granddaughter, record what she tells you about your Tea Party together until she is old enough to write her own thoughts.

A Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party is surely a special moment that your grandaughter will never forget. Read on to find how to make your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party special together…


Create a special, one of a kind Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party invitation to give to your grandchild.

There are many single notecards available in stores that would be appropriate for your Tea Party Invitation. You might also purchase single color notecards and floral or tea theme stickers (examples: JOLEE’S BOUTIQUE THEMED ORNATE STICKERS-TEA PARTY and Paper Bliss Adhesive Embellishments-Tea Party 5/Pkg) to decorate them. Look in the scrapbook section of a local craft store for stickers for your tea party invitation.

Visit Nana’s Corner Store for more Tea Party fun ideas!

Many office supply and craft stores also carry blank note card paper (card stock) that can be designed and printed on your computer to create your own tea party invitation. has free template downloads. Microsoft Office online has free clip art that you may want to use for your invitation. Search for free clip art to find other sites that offer free graphics.

Use round paper doilies and write your tea party invitation on the center of the doily. Decorate with floral or tea theme stickers if desired. Glue the doily onto larger colored card stock. Decorate the border.

Be sure to mention how special it is to you that she is a part of your family. Place the invitation on her pillow for her to find with her favorite flower that you will include in your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party decorations. 

When your granddaughter accepts your invitation, be sure to acknowledge it with a big grandmotherly hug! Plan times that the two of you can spend together planning your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party. Mark the days and times on your family calendar and add to the fun by leaving each other fun reminders the day before.


Make the occasion extra special by suggesting you and your grandaughter dress up. Children feel special when they are dressed up. Clothes make a statement about personality and style.

At a young age children start communicating their tastes. Don’t demand ruffles and lace if your grandaughter likes knits. Suitable dress up clothes are available in all styles. Even the very young child shows an interest in certain colors, fabrics and notions like buttons and zippers.

The key is to observe and listen. Most children would be happy to dress up if they were allowed to be comfortable and be part of the decision-making process. Your grandaughter should be comfortable with their attire if you wish to avoid any retaliation in the middle of tea or at any other inopportune time.

Remember that children are people too. The differences should be appreciated and celebrated. Children have value and their feelings count.

For the very young grandaughter, fill a box with jewelry, hats, scarves, clothing and play dress up with her. Add a little make up, too, for an extra treat!


Choose your theme: grandmother and granddaughter together, garden (indoors or outdoors), seasonal, beach, holiday, birthday, family heirlooms, favorite dolls, favorite book character, Strawberry Shortcake, Hannah Montana, My Little Kitty, teddy bear, movie, celebrity, fairies, butterflies, or rainbow…anything your hearts desire.



For your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party tablecloth, choose a solid color matching your color theme or purchase an inexpensive paper table cloth and decorate with theme matching family photos, magazine photos, stickers, and drawings, including lots of hearts.


Deocrate a clear glass container purchased from a Dollar Store in your tea party theme using permanent markers, glass paints, stickers, or print and color pictures from the Internet and decoupage them onto the container. Photos can be used, too. Fill the container with your granddaughter’s favorite flowers.

Or, shop at a thrift store for a used tea pot and fill it with flowers. Look for matching tea cups or demitasse cups for smaller hands, too.


Grandmother and granddaughter can make your own placemats…or as a surprise, make a special one for each other.

Personalized Placemats

  • Create a collage using copies of photos of grandmother and granddaughter together and pictures of things and places that are special
  • Glue a large paper doily onto an 8″ x 11″ or larger piece of colored otag or construction paper matching your color scheme
  • Cut a piece of clear contact paper a couple of inches larger than your placemat. Place your decorated placemat right side down, centering it onto the contact paper
  • Cut a second piece of contact paper the same size and place that onto the backside of the placemat
  • Trim the edges leaving a 1/4″ border of contact paper.

Woven Placemats

  • Use two colors of construction paper that match your color scheme:
  • Fold first paper in half
  • Use the ruler to make evenly placed marks along the folded edge
  • Draw a straight line at each mark down to paper stopping 1 inch before the edge
  • Cut along each line…remember to stop at the 1 inch border
  • Using the second color paper, make marks 1 inch apart starting with the left short side moving to the short right side then draw straight lines from mark to opposite edge
  • Cut the 1-inch strips
  • Weave the strips of paper in and out of the slits in the other paper
  • If you don’t have enough strips, make more.
  • When finished, glue lose ends to prevent them from coming out.

Find detailed pictures here with printable pdf templates.

Napkin Rings

Handmade fabric covered napkin rings are so simple to create. Start with a cardboard paper towel tube cut to your desired length. Cover the paper towel tube with the fabric or paper of your choice. You can use a variety of fabrics and paper types including wallpaper samples, felt, velvet, satin, handmade paper, gold lame, even fake fur. The possibilities with this technique are limitless. At the last minute, add one of your centerpiece flowers to each handmade napkin ring.

Personalized Coasters

Use any CD that you have no more use for to create original, one of a kind personalized coasters. Purchase one of those CD Labelling Kits (example: Avery 98107 CD-Stomper Pro CD Applicator with Software and Labels) and create a label with the recipient’s name along with some graphics and a background matching your Grandmother and Grandaughter Tea Party theme. Print out the label and adhere to the top of the CD. Then use a CD to trace onto a piece of felt. Cut out the felt and glue to the underside of the personalized CD. Next, use a piece of clear adhesive plastic sheet and glue this to the top of the personalized CD, protecting the design. Trim around the edge and VOILA! you have a personalized coaster!


Surprise your granddaughter with a special gift from her grandmother. Make a “tea bag” gift bag:
Turn a white paper bag (sold at most party stores) into a giant tea bag gift bag by filling it with small gifts appropriate for your granddaughter and a miniature tea set for her to keep always as a remembrance of your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party. (I bought a Limoges miniatrue tea set for Kaitlin at an antique store for $12 three years ago. She hasn’t broken it yet.)

Fold the upper corners of each bag toward the center, then fold down the top and staple a piece of string to it. Attach a paper gift tag to the end of the string.


A Tea Party menu usually consists of tea, of course, small sandwiches, and special sweets. Keep the Tea Party menu simple but elegant in appearance.

Always serve the tea in real tea cups, preferably smaller demitasse cups that fit comfortably in a child’s hands. China teacups picked up at the thrift store, flea markets, antique shops, or yard sales are the best kinds of cups for children to practice on. They are generally inexpensive and will allow your grandchild to learn social graces without feeling awkward and fearful.

The food should be small, fun to prepare together and to look at. Children of all ages love finger food they can dip. It is something that is easy for them to help make. Start with fruit cut into sticks and serve with a dip. Sandwiches are much more fun to eat when they are shaped like flowers and have a maraschino cherry half as it’s center or heart shaped. Select fillings that you both enjoy. For the sweets, pretzels and marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles are fun and easy. Mini cupcakes frosted and delicately decorated add to the fun. Heart shaped decorated cookies or small sugar wafer cookies cut in squares, iced and layered can substitute for small cakes. Cut pound cake into squares and drizzle with white chocolate colored with food coloring.

Anything you can put sprinkles, colored sugar, make into different shapes or make a different color usually makes wonderful children tea food. Even scones dusted with colored sugar before baking can become child-like. It’s great to have several types of yummy small pastries that are easily handled and allows for sampling more than one.

While you are at the bookstore looking for the craft kits, look through children’s cookbooks like the Pink Princess Cookbook and others, for more yummy recipe ideas.

You can try to introduce real tea to your granddaughter, but I found it is easier to start off with lemonade or flavored tea…a favorite is Raspberry Lemonade or Tea. Here’s a recipe for Sun Tea Punch just right for you and your grandaughter. It gets its zip from fruit slices and fresh mint, not caffeine.

Sun Tea Punch
6 to 8 bags of decaffeinated tea
1/2 gallon water
4 oranges, 3 juiced and 1 sliced
8 lemons, 7 juiced and 1 sliced
1/3 cup honey
1/2 bunch of mint

Steep in the sun for 3 or more hours. Remove the tea bags. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. Pour into tall, ice-filled glasses. Serves 10.

To save you time, Nana Finds has found a sample menu for a children’s tea party…Children’s Afternoon Tea


During your Tea Party craft time (see above), share some moments from your own life, such as what you liked and didn’t like, games you played and songs you sang. Include some experiences you had as a young girl so you can relate to your granddaughter and somethings that she may be experiencing.

Then, before you end your Tea Party, present your granddaughter with a book about your life as a young girl and woman, such as For My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Gift of Memory (AARP) or Grandmother’s Memories. Sharing yourself with your granddaughter can only bring you two closer together. She may learn that you two have more in common than she had ever imagined.

While cleaning up your Grandmother and Granddaughter Tea Party together, talk about the fun you had preparing the special event together and what you might like to do for next year’s Tea Party. Share two or three things you each wrote in your Tea Party journals, such as your favorite moments and something you learned about the other.

Nana Finds…

the most important thing about your Tea Party is to have an enjoyable time without any stress, so make plans that are best for you and your grandaughter.  If you are pressed for time because of busy schedules, find a Tea Room and plan a Tea Party without the fuss, and make another date to do a craft or something else that will bring you closer together.

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