Ways to Save: Free Stuff on the Web

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The Internet is loaded with sites offering free stuff and printable coupons including grocery coupons. It’s easy to get carried away, so be sure you sign up for just the things that your family members really need or want. Remember, it really isn’t a bargain if you buy items with printable coupons that you won’t use. You’ll be wasting time and increasing landfill if you request free samples you really have no use for.

The following websites offer free samples, printable coupons, grocery coupons, and discounts found on the Internet and in stores in the United States and Canada.

In order to stay organized, set up a special email account only for freebies. That way you can keep track of your requests and you won’t clutter up your primary email account.

A few words of advice before you visit the above sites to get your free samples, printable coupons, and discounts. To get some of the free stuff online, you must first complete a survey. This is okay if they don’t ask for specific personal financial information such as a credit card, bank account, or social security number.  Many free samples are offered for you to try because if you like them, you’ll most likely buy them and tell others about them. The cost for the manufacturer is minimal compared to the free advertising they get in return.

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