Free Christmas Tree Offer: Chicago

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree: Donate

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, especially when a free Christmas tree offer comes your way. Last year several families in need of Christmas help were able to be matched on with other familes who wanted to recycle their Christmas tree by donating it. I can’t think of a better way to recycle Christmas trees…can you?

Free Christmas Tree Offer

I currently have a reader who wants to recycle her 7 1/2 ft Christmas tree and lights by donating it to a single mom in the far western suburbs of Chicago. Here’s what she wrote to me a few days ago:

I just came across this website and hope that this service is still available. I have a 7 1/2′ artificial tree with lights. It is an older tree and may not have many more Christmas’ left in it but it is a big beautiful tree. I’ve enjoyed many years with this tree. It was a gift to me from someone who knew that as a single mom, I would never be able to afford a tree any other way. I would love to see it go to another single mom in need. I also have many spare sets of lights that just sit in a box each year.

Contact Nana

If you are a single mom in need of a free Christmas tree in or near the far western suburbs of Chicago, please leave your request in the ”leave a comment” box below. You’ll be contacted to make arrangements for the Christmas tree exchange. In the case of more than one single mom requesting the free Christmas tree, the recipient will be randomly chosen.

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10 thoughts on “Free Christmas Tree Offer: Chicago

  1. Laruth Skinner


  2. Tamara

    I live in Somerset County, N.J. and I noticed that there was a family that posted on this website that they live in Middlesex, N.J. and have a 7 1/2 ft artificial christmas tree they want to give to a family in need. I live about 10 minutes from Middlesex, N.J. and I can really use a gift like that right now. Can you please try to contact me with this family/person so that we may try to get in touch with them to get this tree for my family? Please?

    • Nana

      I’m sorry, but the tree has been donated.

  3. Ebony H

    ILLINOIS: My name is Ebony, I have 3 kids 9,4and 8mos. I can’t afford a tree or gift we really need help any and everything would help us out. Ebony .H Location: Chicago,IL

  4. sherry

    TENNESSEE: hello i am a single mother and primary care giver to 10 year old son and 84 year old grand mother. i want this christmas to be one to remember. it may be our last together. grandmother facing open heart surgery right after the new year. only thing is money is so tight. had to spend what little i had save to fix car to have way to work and back. if there is anyone giving away a tree i would really appreciate it. because unless a miricale happens we just wont be able to have a christmas again this year. thank you

  5. ILLINOIS: hello my name is contina i think that is nice what you are doing for single parent mom i am a single parent and i have six children my fiance died a couple of years ago and its been hard to manage but the good is keeping me strong to be able to keep a meal on he table for a couple of years we have went without a tree and for you to be able to give one away thats is very generous so i am hoping i am the single parnt u will b able to give the treee too. my children with very much appreciate it tis year and then maybe next year i will become fortunate that i can pass it on to anhor family thats not able…. thank you and happy holidays

    • oma d

      TENNESSEE: hello my name is Oma Daoud, my daughter has 2 boys ages 3 yrs and 2 yrs old, these boys have 2 different fathers and both dads are from 2 different countries, both dads in each case got deported before my grandsons were born, my daughter and my 2 grandkids live at home with me, i work but its hard to make ends meet my daughter isnt working at the present time and i fully support her and my 2 grandkids, if you know of anyone who can help me with christmas id really be very greatful, also if there is a program that can help with a christmas tree for my grankids id be also greatful for that information, i only work part time and im in debt up to my neck in bills, i thank you for taking the time to read my email.. God bless….Oma D

      Here is a gift suggeston list:

      large dump trucks, cars from the movie ”cars”, action fiqures learning toys, race car tracks, riding toys, airplanes

  6. Wendi O

    GEORGIA: Dear Friend of Nana,
    I see that you have a tree with lights that you are wanting to donate to a single mother. If your offer is still available my daughter and I would be grateful to recieve this gift for christmas. I am a single mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl named Lisa Lauren. We have had a few rough years and are looking forward to enjoying the holidays this year now that things are looking up for us. I thank you for your time and hope that you have a wonderful blessed christmas as well! God bless you!

    Wendi and lisa


    Thank you she needs socks,shoes,and clothes .her shoe size is womens 8 and she wears 4 in womens jeans or pants .She is super tall for her age 97% taller then other children the same age. I will not be able to get her any toys or gifts times are just really tuff and am gratful and blessed for any help that I do get.She really wants some art things she is a very artistic child and she also loves anything to do with Georgia bulldogs, and soccor.Thank you so much If you can help us with some of these things it would be a true blessing !
    Sincerly Wendi and Lisa

  7. tina m

    I am a single mom and my family is in need of many things. My girls need beds, dressers, shoes, clothes, coats. Our family is in desperate need of a vechile. I don’t have a dependable vechile to get my family around. Its always breaking down and I don’t have money to fix it. I would cost more than the vechile cost. My family really needs some help. We live in waukegan il.

  8. Amber C


    Hello i saw your post and wondered if you still were looking to give away the tree you were talking about with the lights or if you already gave it away. I am a single mother; however, I live in Oklahoma and i looking for things for christmas. My son and i had to miss out on his first christmas last year but i really want to make it up to him for his second one. Please feel free to email me back.

    Thank you Amber C.

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