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back to school help for low income families in needBack to school help for low income families in need of back to school clothing and supplies is difficult to find on the Web. The reason I know is because I attempted to help a mother of a low income family in need contacted me recently.  She has spent hours searching on the Internet, and so have I, for non-profits and “angels” who might be able to assist her family in need. If you found this post for the same reasons, perhaps the following information can help you in your search.

How to Search for Back to School Help for Low Income Families in Need

First of all, do a search on Google and other search engines first using “back to school help for low income families” + “yourtown, state”.  I did a search for Brockton, MA. What I found was various resources. Unfortunately, some are no longer in existence. It is difficult for small non-profit agencies who help low income families in need to keep afloat. Be creative with the use of quotation marks and + symbols to help narrow your search results. If that doesn’t help, then broaden it without them. Use a combination of search words and you might find some new results.

Back to School Help for low income families might be found at this national resource found in my search: Hero Network – Clothing Wishes. There is also the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation where families in need of back to school clothing and supplies, among other needs, can post their needs.

Another is the Salvation Army, who holds a backpack giveaway during their Back to School celebration. Do a search for salvation army back to school help + your state abbreviation. Search for their program under “seasonal programs.”

Cradles to Crayons Through the Giving Factory, we provide those essentials, as donated clothes, shoes, books and school supplies to homeless and low-income children. There are two locations, Boston and Philadelphia, but they partner with community agencies in outlying towns. Families in need of back to school help can find a list of community agencies on their website.

Operation School Bell (not in every state) run by the Assistance League includes Clothes for Kids.

For the Mom in Brockton, MA, I suggested she contact: Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Brockton Department of Children and Families, and Old Colony YMCA Youth Division. Also, Catholic Charities and other religious organizations may be able to offer assistance for low income families in need or connect them with those agencies that might. Check with soup kitchens and pantries, too.

A school social worker or nurse may be contacted if your child is in need. There may a may be a fund for families in need they can apply to on the family’s behalf.

To be eligible for back to school help, you may need to be registered with low income family assistance services in your community, county, or state. Don’t be shy about seeking help. You must be willing to let others know your family is in need. It’s for the children so do your best…brainstorming often helps in finding that needle in the haystack.

The United Way of Connecticut offers similar advice for finding back to school help for low income families in need. To search for your state’s United Way, follow this example: for United Way of NJ. Use your state’s two letter abbreviation after 211.

For breakfast and lunch eligibility information and guidelines, the government has resources to help you at For more tips for back to school help for low income families in need, the government’s website has a Back to School page.

Help Others Find Back to School Help for Families in Need

If you have resources that are known for back to school help for families in need of school clothing and supplies, please share with us in the comment box below.

  • What have you tried?
  • What was the response you received?
  • Who helped you find resources?
  • When is the best time to start searching for help?
  • What suggestions do you have for others?


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4 thoughts on “Back to School Help for Low Income Families | Nana Finds Help

  1. i dont really know what to say or ask for help i have 3 kids 2 that are disable i have 2 girls 1 boy 17, 13, 9 the girl breonna is disabled and my 9 year old son brian is also the 13 year old is kieonna she isnt disabled but helps alot cause i cant work anymore and filing for disabilty myself they havent had a christmas for two years now because all of their income goes to rent and utilities and the little thats left isnt very much so im not trying to go back to a life of no utilities or being homeless so what ever anyone can do tho help please reply if sent on time thanks sandra breaux
    ip address: Lafayette, Louisiana

    • Nana

      Sandra, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  2. its gerry again my daughter is 12 years old stating first year of middle school she really a sweet girl if any one can help .please i will be very thankful

  3. hi my name is gerry my daughters name is nichole we been in two shelters we have housing now but we have no income and we need help for back to school and christmas i been looking for work but its tough plus my daughter does have a slight disability she has trauma and anciaty she seen a murder a couple of years ago please if any one can help i will be very gratful. thankyou
    ip address: Stoughton, MA

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