Christmas 2014 Help Requests – Families in Need

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help families in need christmas

Christmas 2014 help, just as Christmas 2013…2012…and those before, is an ongoing concern again for many families in need.

As the weather turns cooler, the leaves drop to earth’s floor, and night’s dark shade falls heavy on the days, anxiety grows for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians with limited income. They stress over how they will be able to provide a merry Christmas their children deserve.

I know because I have a daughter who has been unemployed since April, 2013…and another daughter whose car decided to quit on her as she was driving down the highway on her way home after a long double shift.

Please go to Families Need Christmas Help 2016 for this year’s requests.


One source in searching for help is the Internet. Perhaps that is how you found Families have begun to contact me with requests for Christmas 2014 help.  Although I am personally unable to provide help, I will post requests for Christmas 2014 assistance in hope that families may find their own ”Christmas Angel.”  In the past, some families have been fortunate in finding their Christmas Angel. But, out of the many, many requests, they represent only a very small percentage.

If you wish to request Christmas 2014 help, leave your information in the comment box below. Your comment will remain private and not show up until I approve it. This is to prevent spammers from overloading my blog. I will contact you via email before I post your request on the appropriate blog page.

Christmas 2014 Help Request

When you write your request with your email, please include your state, county, and nearest large town or city (you do not have to give your town unless you wish to),  number of children, whether boy or girl, their ages, and what they are in need of or their Christmas wishes. Expensive items are not usually granted, so please keep this in mind. Also, would you accept used items or clothes that are in good condition? Christmas Angels may be more receptive to your request if they can recycle items to you that they may have or find at garage sales, flea markets, or consignment shops. Also, keep in mind the ease and cost of delivery.

One more thing, as a family in need asking for Christmas 2014 help, you may be asked to verify your situation, and/or a background check may be made by the potential owner…and in all cases, do not share social security numbers, bank account information, or any other numbers or forms of information that may be used in identity theft.  To start, all interactions will be between the two parties via email and further arrangements will also be between the two parties. If an exchange is person-to-person, do it in a very public place and do not go alone.

The role of is only to post the requests as submitted. First name, last name initial, email address, and location information as given will be included along with the request for needs and wishes. I’ve created a new Help Contact Form you can use for either requesting Christmas 2014 help or inquiring about being an “Angel”.

Requests for Christmas 2014 help might also be found in posts linked from and to this page as Christmas 2014 approaches.


Here’s something that might help:

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19 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 Help Requests – Families in Need

  1. Yolanda

    Hi my name is Yolanda Johnson, I am the PTSA(Parent Teacher Scholar Association)President recently nominated as early as November. I am requesting help for the less fortunate and displaced scholars at George Washington Carver/Bruce Street School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We have just recently received our approved bylaws and hoped that we were able to have our 501c(3) status before the Christmas holiday. As a result, we were not able to do anything for our scholars.
    We service and advocate for scholars grades k-8 and would like your assistance in making the aforementioned a pleasant holiday. Our location is Newark, NJ and we could be reached at 973.705.3803 or [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your support.

    Warm regards,
    Yolanda Johnson
    PTSA President

  2. Marie

    I hope everyone has a great holiday. I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago and am still waiting for my disability. I have 3 children 2 boys 13 and 7 and a 3 year old little girl. Due to my health issues I can not work and dont have family in NJ. I would like to ask if anyone can help with a little gift for them. My 2 little ones believe in Santa and are hoping to get something. It doesnt matter what anything is appreciated.

  3. Laquita Willis

    My name is Laquita Willis and I am in desperated need of some holiday cheer.I just recently lost a job I held for over 10yrs.and finding myself not been able to give my kids a good Christmas this year.I am a single parent and struggling to get by.I have two wonderful kids who does very well in school,I have a 7yr old daughter who loves Barbie and would love to have here and her house and a 9yr old son who loves any and everything wwe.Any assitances will be greatly appreciated for us this holiday season.Thank You in advance and GOD BLESS

  4. Erin Rae

    I have three children….16 year old boy, 12 year old boy, and 9 year old daughter. This last year has been very difficult and am not able to provide a Christmas for my children. If there is anyone that would be willing to help make this possible for my family, words could not express how appreciative I would be. We live near Madison, Wisconsin in Dane County.
    My children all could use clothes and pajamas. Winter boots, and winter clothes. My oldest is into video games and electronics, my middle son is into the same but also really like legos and action figure, my daughter likes to draw, make jewelry, stuffed animals, and books.
    Thank you.

  5. Christie

    I am proudly raising 3 children. My oldest is 14, middle daughter is 5 and youngest boy is 2.

    This year I wont be able to buy anything.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  6. Kristina Fey

    Hi,my name is Kristina I am a single mother of 6 kids 3 teenagers and 3 toddlers,I just recently had to move which put a hurting on an already big problem, I have 2 days approaching and Xmas and I am sooooo broke I’m barely keeping afloat now I have to puck and choose what bills get paid and which ones don’t,things are being shut off, and what makes it worse is that my daughter will be 4 and has never had a bday party and her bday is overshadowed by Xmas which I can barely provide for same thing with my son who is turning 3 on Dec 9th my daughters is Dec 30th,this year is soo much worse bc Ii was living in a house with no section 8 or any type of program help and had to pay all the utilities,it got so bad we was without gas for 3 months,I recently got approved for subsidized housing which is great but it will take me a while to dig myself out of the hole I’m already in and it costed over 500$ to move in here, but now I will have help with the rent and I only pay elec and gas,which is great but like I said I’m so far down the benefits will take a while to see,I just need a little help so that my kids have some type of Xmas and /or bday anything would be appreciated greatly!and someday i hope to be in a position to help someone else!

  7. Amanda

    I am searching for Christmas help for my sister. She lives in Baltimore county Maryland. She is a single mother of 3 children ranging in age from 13 months to 15 years of age. She is in recovery and doing very well but as the holidays approach she is struggling financially. She only receives assistance from social security and social services. By the time she pays her rent she has about 50$ left to herself and that goes fast. Our family is very small and unable to help her.I can be reached via email if there are any questions that need to be addressed. Thank you for your help .

    I am needing help badly for thanksgiving and xmas. For food baskets and gifts for my 2 boys ages 8 and 4 . They are into nerf guns. Wii games, electric race cars and trucks,
    Race tracks.superman batman and spiderman toys and toy story also,

    I am needing clothing for both , pants in a urgent and bad way , esp. My oldest for school (khakis) size 9 and jeans in general. He has 2 khakis and only one pair of jeans needs long sleeves sz med or 7-10…. and socks (shoe size is 4 youth) and underwear sz med. Youth ,
    My youngest needs blue jean pants size 4t or 5t , long sleeves 5t or sm, socks (shoe sz. Is 11) underwear sz. 4t or 5t, if any help can be provided it would and is greatly appericated, thank you for your time God bless,
    U can text or message me on here on f.b or this post 580-825-4446

    We moved from KY and have no,family or friends here, or any help . My husband works but it is only to pay for our rent, (works for,rent,only) i hate asking for help bc i know there are many families with worst needs,than mine, all is appericated and God bless u all for your time,on this matter thank u!!!!

    Ive also tried contacting places surrounding my area but they either have no funding., or cant accept other people. Or i have to come fill application out and be placed on waiting,list, and having,no,car,to,do,so doesnt solve,anything,,. So im worried bc its,getting so,close to,the holidays and i have nothing planned or done about all of it.

    I love in elk city and have found no chruches , organizations in my aera are not doing anything , or there done accepting new applicants

  9. Brandy Jewell

    This is not a request for me my sister in West Lafayette is having financial problems and has 5 kids with one on the way I am afraid that if she doesn’t find help that the kids will not have Christmas this year can someone help me find her help.

    • Brandy Jewell

      My sisters lives in West Lafayette Indiana she has a 16 year old boy a 14 year old boy, a 12 year old boy, a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old girl. The boys I am not sure what teen boys need or want but the girls need more clothes size 5 and would love anything monster high or frozen.

  10. Laura R

    Hi I have 3 children ages 17,15 and 6 and 1 Granddaughter age 4 that I’m requesting assistance for I’m a single mom and I’m disabled I live on a fixed income and when the holidays arrive its a very difficult time of year for my family as I cannot provide them with gifts for Christmas and it’s heartbreaking to see my children go without on the holidays any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated my son that’s 17 likes the typical teenage boy things that have to do with sports he also enjoy cologne sets for young men and different male toiletries my 15 yr old daughter is also your typical teenage girl she loves reading and loves using lip gloss perfume body sprays and lotions i forgot to mention there both high honor students I’m so very proud of them.. My 6 yr old daughter Loves the Frozen Elsa dolls and toys Princess Ariel Cinderella My Little pony sharpkins and board games.. My 4 yr old granddaughter Loves Frozen as well and Doc Mcstuffins Sofia the first peppa pig My Little pony and sharpkins.. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter anything that you can do to help me bring some joy to my family this Holiday season will be truly appreciated.. We Live in Massachusetts..

  11. seana o

    Seana O, Hi I have 3 kids, raven is 20 months and she is still not talking or eating table food yet. She is very smart and I am teaching her sign language so anything to encourage talking and or eatting would be awesome,as would anything educational.I would love to get her a kindle as she has master the smart phone already! She is a size 3t-4t now we live in the desert if that helps. ………Shaylynnn is 10yrs and loves anything music related or video games for the Xbox 360 hers plays most times. She loves mindcraft and the “Lego friends” it’s legos for girls. She is size 14-16 juniors she needs some pants and a few shirts. Style is very “shake it up” or “Monster Highish” or “Justice” …………………………………………………………Nathan is 19yrs he is autistic and his bday is 12/29 so he always gets jipped at Christmas time. He likes first person shooter games and mindcraft type games. He likes books like the golden compass he is currently reading or anything similar or liminny snickits series. Sizes LG-Xl for shirts pants are size 32-34 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… My Mom is adopting my niece Vanna whom is 12yr on Turkey day if anyone could help her out it would mean so much to her as this time last yr my mom was on life support for 9 mths and we almost lost her 6 times in the first 5 months. She lost an entire lobe of her lower lung and struggles daily with shortness of breath. ……… Things Vanna likes is music, fashion, she would love a bike as she’s been in foster care for 3yrs and wasn’t allowed to have one until now. She also loves to draw so anything artistry. Not sure size yet feel free to contact me and I will get them. …………… Thank you and have a blessed Holiday Season Tucson AZ

  12. Hello my name is Priscilla Fleming, I’m a single parent; I have cancer, I’m not able to work so I only get money once a month. I have 3 children a 15 year old, a 6 year old, and a 5 year old; that’s in need for a good Christmas. For my 15 year old I want to give her a cer Chrome book, a anthroid Samsung phone, and some clothes. She wear size 3 in pants, and size medium in blouse. In skirts she wear size 14\16. In shoes she wear size 7 1\2. Her bra size,34B, t-shirts size medium, and her panties size 7. My 6 year boy, I want him to have a learning game that will help him with his abc’s, numbers, shapes, letters, words, reading, colors, and how to write. I also want him to have some big men, he love men, and big car to put them in, he like stuff like that. My 5 year old, I want her to have a sprout tablet with wifi and utube, baby doll with stroller, 3 Barbie dolls, 1 male and 2 females, and Barbie doll car. Clothes for my little children: My 6 year old boy size 8 in pants, size 8/10 in shirts. Shoes size 12. Under shorts size 6. T-shirts size 8/10. My 5 year old girl, size 8/10 in blouse, size 7 in dress and skirt. Her pants size 7 also. Her shoe size is 12. My address is 1470 Bryan St. Memphis Tn. 38108.

  13. hi..I have 3 grandchildren who live with me. we have been raising them since 2007…they are girl 10, boy 9, and girl 6..she will be 7 on dec 21. my husband has always worked offshore, but due to illness, is not able to work and has since lost his job. I am searching for a job with no luck so far. being 53 and not worked for 7 years, it is tough…even if i do get a job, im not sure it would even be enough to pay the bills..
    Im not sure what they even want for christmas…I am just starting to realize that it will be a very tough year…if i am approved, i will post an update with possible gifts they would like to have. their father is in jail, and their mother doesnt even have a home at the time…it is really a tough situation….and us being in this position is really hard…

    thank you…a grandmother…who is feeling very sad right now…

  14. Carol

    Christmas help 2014

    I came upon your website while looking for assistance for Christmas 2014.
    I am not sure what information you need but would be glad to give you any that is needed for assistance.
    My email is listed above , and will reply asap if you contact me.
    Thank you for any and all help to come…

    God Bless

    • Nana

      Sorry for the delayed response, I am recovering from back surgery. At the top of, you will see a tab which will take you to a help request form. Please complete that. It will come to me through my email.
      I hope to hear from you soon,

  15. sara valentin

    hi my name is sara valentin im a single mother with 4 kids i became home less 4 months ago i was lseeping in parks with my ids no money no food my landlord sold the house and we had to go i lost everything i had sergery sick and cold im hiv aids bone cancer atheritis fybromalgia migraine high blood pressure and more im lowincome mother im disabled cant work due to my sicknesses i finally got my home 1 week ago but i cant afford anything i need help with food and christmas help for my kids we had a terrible summer please help me make a good christmas for them god bless you all please contact me at (717)823-9895

  16. Hello my name is Yolanda Davis and am a single mom looking for Christmas help am low income I stay in Vallejo ca, that’s part. Of the San franisico bay area close to Napa ca, I have a son who is 7yrs old who is disable I can’t afford to get him anything this year for Christmas because of housing cost went up and I don’t work also disable but don’t receive any income only my son and after paying rent pg and e and phone we only have 50$ left food not included live off food from food banks and hameydown clothes I asking for help he love videogames but don’t have anything to play he like riding his cousin bike and games Acton figure anything would help he wear size 8 in boys our 10 he wear 3 1/2 in boys shoes he like sports clothes like LA Lakers and sf giants if anyone out there that can help us I would so ever be graceful in the name of Jesus blessed the person who read this and help us in Jesus name I pray thank you my son would be happy we been through a lot these past years god no the truth.

  17. Elin E

    Hi, I have 2 little girls. Casey will be 5 a few days after Christmas and Cheyenne will be 2 on Christmas day. I have always struggled to give them a good birthday and a good Christmas, but with the help of a wonderful church we always had a great time. However, this year due to a divorce, my girls and I have had to move back home with my family, and away from our wonderful support system. I don’t know how I will make this year work.

    Casey who is going to be 5 has Cystic Fibrosis. I really need to find things to keep her active, and healthy. Things I am looking for that I think would benefit her are toys for outdoor play such as a small toddler sized enclosed trampoline, a small slide, and indoor toys that have to do with food. She is a very poor eater and I want to encourage eating as much as possible (play food, or even a child’s cooking toy like an easy bake oven or no bake magic mixer would be great)Casey has also expressed to me her desire for a “robot girl” I imagine she wants some kind of doll, Barbie, etc… that talks =)

    Cheyenne who will be 2 on Christmas day is not to picky. She loves anything and everything. She is a Christmas present herself =) She will play with anything her sister is playing with. a few things I think would capture her interest are toys that have buckles, buttons, and zippers on them. She would also enjoy anything Frozen. She loves that movie =)

    I have done all I can to garage sale and consignment shop ahead of time but these kind of items are not easy to find. I know I cant give them everything. But I just want them to know that through all of the change that has gone on this year that things will be ok.

    We live in Lancaster California which is near Los Angeles.

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