Connecticut Families Need Christmas Help

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connecticut families need christmas helpConnecticut families need Christmas help just as so many families in every state need holiday help. If you are a Connecticut family needing Christmas help or a caring family wishing to help a Connecticut family in need, please leave a comment below!

Connecticut Families Need Christmas Help

If you are stressing because you are one of many Connecticut families who need Christmas help, enter your request in the comment box below. It will appear in my email. After I receive it, I will post your Christmas request for help leaving out your email and phone number. Include the town or the county where you live. Share something about your family, your difficulties, what you’ve been doing to survive along with specific needs and wants for your children, including sizes for clothing, boots, etc. In some cases, your potential donor may ask you to verify your situation. Honesty and transparency are both very important to gain trust.

Connecticut Families Need Christmas Help and Donors

If you wish to be a donor, leave a comment below. It will go directly to my email. After I receive your message, I will contact you directly without posting your comment. If you aren’t able to donate on your own, ask friends and family if they would like to adopt a family in need and share in the giving. Be an angel or a hero, either way you will receive the best gift of all.

It is my hope that your Christmas will be a little brighter, whether you wish to be a donor or a recipient.

Connecticut Families Need Christmas Help 2012

Angela Connecticut, Middletown area: Hi….i am a mother of a 7 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. We are struggling to pay bills due to my husband being on unemployment. We receive little assistance from ny state. This is the first year i am dreading xmas due to the fact we have no money. I know that’s not what christmas is about but. My children wont understand. I hate having to ask anybody for help cuz its not like me….it hurts my pride a little. But we are in need. If anybody would help even just a little i would b so grateful. Thank you and happy holiday’s. God bless.. Angela
Amy Connecticut, Plantsville area: Im a 25 yr old single mom of a 6 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy.My baby is due right before xmas.Im a domestic violence survivor..And dont know where to turn for help.I recently left my abusive kids dad..and since then,things have gone downhill.I have a high risk pregnancy, I have preeclampsia,bleeding issues etc..and Its making it impossible to work.. I recieved help from the state for a few months,and couldnt keep up with doing the classes so they shut me off.I literally have no way to pay bills, buy a tree, or give my children the christmas they deserve. I really need help.

Christmas Help for Low Income Families in Connecticut used a Nana Finds article as a reference: Help for Low Income Families – Don’t Wait for Christmas.


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10 thoughts on “Connecticut Families Need Christmas Help

  1. Rena F.

    I am a single mother of 2 girls ages 6yrs old and 8months I have been working part time at a non profit organization but bills just aren’t adding up my oldest daughter just returned home in August after being with her dad for 3 months and Christmas just doesn’t seem a reality this year we were forced to move in with a friend until our new apartment is ready and we had to leave everything behind due to the building being infested with several things and black mold, I had to sign over my last 3 paychecks just to secure a roof over our heads and then having to completely furnish the home has left me in a panic about Christmas it’s the baby’s first Christmas and it would kill me to see my daughter’s wake up to an empty living room any help is greatly appreciated my oldest is size 7/8 in clothes and an 11 in shoes she loves shopkins and is a very big girly girl my youngest is size 2months in clothes and a 1 in shoes anything to work on her fine motor skills is needed as she works with birth to 3 to get her where she needs to be thank you so much in advance

    • Nana

      Rena, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you. You stated yo 8 month old wheres 2 months size. Did you mean 12 months?

  2. Melissa

    We have had such a hard year. There is myself who is 47, my adopted daughter who is 19, my niece who is 23 and my great niece who is 3. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and sinus tacycardia. My adopted daughter has Graves Disease, my niece has hemeplegic migraines that give her stroke symptoms and my great niece has torticolis. Her cord was tied around her neck at birth which caused weak neck muscles and problems with balance. We all work very hard when we can work. Each of us has a job but we also have a lot of Dr appointments. We all give back when we can but we only make enough money to kind of make ends meet. We have no extra money for birthdays or christmas. Even though we would love fancy gifts, I think we need clothing the most. I wear a woman’s 2X and love tunics and leggings, my daughter wears a juniors or ladies medium. She likes Jeggings and tshirts, my niece wears a medium or large. She likes leggings or Jeggings as v neck tshirts, my niece who is the most important is a 5t and loves anything girly. She is a blessing. She loves Disney princesses. She likes cuddly blankets. Anything at all would be a blessing to our family. Thank You for helping our family at this time..

  3. John

    We are a family of 5. My fiancé was laid off in September, has been unable to find work. I work 3 hours a day as a aid in school. And we have 3 girls, 9, 13 and 16 all hoping for a happy christmas. But we do not have money for groceries, let alone, gifts. Is there anyone out there with a heart that can help a family in need this christmas and put smiles of a families faces.

  4. nicholl solberg

    i am a single mom of 2 children girl 7 and boy 8.i currently have no home and live with my mother.the childrens father passed away a few years ago.i live on surviver benefits for my 2 kids.very small payments.i am so struggling this yeari don’t know what to help resource in town i am not eligible for because i do not belong to a food bank.i was counting on daughte loves stuffed animals and anything or son love WWE wrestling items,action figures,rings,also anything for xbox 360 or PSP.he could really use a controller for the xbox 360.his is very old and not in good shape.or a memory card and charger for PSP,also very old..second hand is babies so deserve this.they have had the hardest year,having to relocate from virginia in jan.and they lost everything.i am desperate not to dissapoint them.please if there is anything anyone can do.i would sooo appreciate it.
    thank you

  5. Ryan Big Mountain

    I am a 29 year old father to my 2 beautiful children ages 6 and 7 monthes. I am married and just dont know what to do anymore. I have had a good career but now laid off and can not find employment. I have watched my children unnervingly go without and I have always had such a hard time asking for help.There are days when I don’t know how I will feed my kids or if we will have heat for the winter. My car was reposed and me and my wife’s marriage is being put through so much and I hope that we can hold on.Now That Christmas is coming I listen to my oldest tell me all the things she wants and what santa will bring for her and I have to go into the other room and cry. I try to be strong but I feel so weak. Ive put all of my pride behind me and have to figure out what I can do for my family. Ive done so much charity work and donations that now being on the other side I dont know how to take it or why ive waited so long to look for help. I dont know why I have found it necessary to let out such personal things about my family but for the first time it feels good to actually let it out even if no one is listening.And for whomever has become into a situation like mine my prayers are with you always.
    Ryan Big Mountain

  6. Amy

    I have a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree to donate to a CT family in need, where can I donate it?

  7. Pam

    Hello all, and thank you in advance for any help given this christmas season. Up until almost a year ago I would have never though that we would be in this predicament. We always had a relaxed financial situation but all fell apart the beginning of the year. We have three children ages 14, 13 and 9 and in January 2014 my husband lost his job. He has been actively seeking employment but nothing has come through. In February of the same year I lost my job due to lack of business. I am a Real Estate paralegal and unbelievably to date I am still unemployed (any job opportunities are also welcomed). Unemployment benefits ended for the both of us and for the first time ever we were forced to seek Federal Cash Assistance. As we are a family of 5 we were able to qualify for food stamps ($700 a month) and cash assistance ($749 a month). Nonetheless, neither of these amounts are enough to cover our expenses. With Rent, car insurance, cell phones and other bills besides utilities we have been forced to go to soup kitchens, food pantries, clothes drives and other places for general assistance. I remember crying the first time I was in line for 2 hours waiting outside the salvation army to get bread and pastries. I could honestly say my husband and I have applied to over 303 jobs and have gone to over 30 interviews to no avail. My husband has even stood outside store to be picked up as day laborer. At this point I am desperate for help, in the past we have been able to give our children everything they wanted and this year I don’t have means to give them anything at all. I don’t ask for money, all I ask is for someone out there to kindly give any toy or christmas gift to my children or any employment possibility for either my husband (floor sander)or I. Our children shouldn’t have to suffer our current circumstance it is not their fault.
    Thank you and God Bless

  8. Cynthia McGowan

    COLCHESTER, CT. Hello. Thank you in advance for any help I can get paying for Christmas this year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am the mother of 2 children. A boy, age 13 and a girl, Age 11. My husband was paralyzed in an accident in 2006. After his accident he couldn’t bear the thought of not working to pay for his family, however he was laid off in 2009. Unfortunately, I was also laid off in 2009, and we now have no income. We have been getting by from the love and support of our families, however it has been an extremely tuff few years. I would love to be able to give my children a little bit of Christmas this year. Thank you.

  9. Mariah

    Connecticut, Branford area: Hello and seasons greetings! I appreciate all who read this post, your kindness goes a long way! I am a mother of 2 children, a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old special needs son. As many other good honest people have, we have fell on hard times this year. Between taking care of my children and providing a roof over our heads, we are finding it almost next to impossible to provide a Christmas This year. My kids believe that Santa will come and help with everything and were trying to keep the faith that we will be able to provide a few things under the tree! I try to explain to them the true meaning of Christmas and that its also about helping others in need. This year we are going to volunteer at the local soup kitchen so my kids can see that there are others also in need. I am just trying to find a way or a push in the right direction to provide a few gifts under the tree. I have contacted toys for tots but have not yet received a response! I thank each and every one of you who read this and may find it in your hearts to help a loving family during this very difficult time! God bless!

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