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Nana Finds Ways to HelpNanaFinds.com is not a charity. The purpose of this blog is…

  • To help find and share the good in the world – people helping themselves, people helping people
  • To help low-income families find helpful resources in their time of need through their comments for others to see
  • To help those with a desire to donate time, skills, items, or money find charities, community outreach programs, and legitimate fundraisers
  • To find ways to save money and time
  • To help those in need connect with each other to share resources, budgeting tips, ways to save, homemade gifts, family matters advice, etc.

Your help is needed to help grow NanaFinds, to meet the potential it has to help others by leaving comments, emailing me, or joining Nana Finds Help Forum to share tips, resources, questions, concerns, or whatever you wish to communicate. Suggestions are always welcome!

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Nana (5/21/12)

(wife of 40+ years – dated 3 weeks before he proposed, mother of 3, grandmother of 5, special education teacher – retired, Jersey Shore native, blogger since 2008)


This is not the place to submit requests for help. Please choose the Families Need Help Christmas 2015 post and leave your requests in the comment section. Thank you!


11 thoughts on “About NanaFinds

  1. Need help for Christmas 9yrs old & 12yrs that’s autism he want a bike the other one like spider man, please help roberta

    • Nana

      Roberta, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  2. christie

    are you helping with Christmas this year

    ip address: Gardendale, Alabama

    • Nana

      Christie, Please submit more information, location, needs, sizes, etc. I will post your request in hope that someone will offer to help you.

  3. Elin Elrod

    Hi, I have 2 little girls. Casey will be 5 a few days after Christmas and Cheyenne will be 2 on Christmas day. I have always struggled to give them a good birthday and a good Christmas, but with the help of a wonderful church we always had a great time. However, this year due to a divorce, my girls and I have had to move back home with my family, and away from our wonderful support system. I don’t know how I will make this year work.

    Casey who is going to be 5 has Cystic Fibrosis. I really need to find things to keep her active, and healthy. Things I am looking for that I think would benefit her are toys for outdoor play such as a small toddler sized enclosed trampoline, a small slide, and indoor toys that have to do with food. She is a very poor eater and I want to encourage eating as much as possible (play food, or even a child’s cooking toy like an easy bake oven or no bake magic mixer would be great)Casey has also expressed to me her desire for a “robot girl” I imagine she wants some kind of doll, Barbie, etc… that talks =)

    Cheyenne who will be 2 on Christmas day is not to picky. She loves anything and everything. She is a Christmas present herself =) She will play with anything her sister is playing with. a few things I think would capture her interest are toys that have buckles, buttons, and zippers on them. She would also enjoy anything Frozen. She loves that movie =)

    I have done all I can to garage sale and consignment shop ahead of time but these kind of items are not easy to find. I know I cant give them everything. But I just want them to know that through all of the change that has gone on this year that things will be ok.

    We live in Lancaster California which is near Los Angeles.

  4. Melissa

    Texas, Eastern area: Hi I am a single mother of 3. I was a single mother of 4 my fourth child having gotten meningitis at birth and staying severely disabled. My 3 other children suffered because of this as my attention and time went to caring for my child and my marriage collapsed under the pressure. my child passed away this year from complications from surgery at 2 yrs old. it devastated myself and my children and having gone through a divorce and a death this year has been the worst and now since Im a single working mother still trying to get on my feet and am not going to be able to provide my children with a christmas if you can direct me to where i can get some help for them i would really appreciate it. my children are 12 8 and 6. thank you and god bless

  5. laure rawson

    hi im a mother of 2 children with disabilities i worked slbls most of there childhood trying to stay afloat this is 1st year i wasnt able to buy my 15 yr old an 12 old xmas gifts its very hard for me to accept it seems that i was to late to sign up for charities before i realised bills were over my head this month im from ohio an if theres anyone out there who could help me provide a few gifts for my kids i would greatly appreciate it sad thing is i used to be able to help others doing xmas season now im in same boat it dont feel to good god bless an happy holidays

  6. Nicole Ballard

    New Hampshire, Gilford area: Hello, I am asking for help this season because I just gained custody of my 12 year old daughter 3 days ago. It is too late to sign up for any assistance in my community. I am on Social Security and have spent every last penny on the extra food expenses and court fees. I would like to be able to have something under the tree for her as she has been through a lot this holiday season. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Victor

    Hi, i am also having a very difficult time right now because my 9 year old is coming from California next week she will be spending the holidays with me for 3 weeks i had borrowed $ to take her out to buy a Christmas tree and presents for her and her 14 year old brother but i lost my wallet with all the money in it. Please help i would really appreciate it. Thanks

    • Nana

      You are in California so how could your daughter be “coming from California next week”. Your request is questionable.

  8. Ann C.

    Virginia: Hi, I am having troubles getting my two girls ages 6 and 10 gifts this year. We just moved and haven’t been able to find employment. If you can please help me in where to go, I would greatly i would greatly appreciate your help.

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