Families Need Christmas Help 2016

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families in need christmas 2016Families Need Christmas Help 2016 – they are seeking Christmas help for their children. These families in need have circumstances that are hindering their ability to provide Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. As you will see, they have illness, disability, unemployment, homelessness, and/or broken homes. The parents must pay their bills, provide food and necessities to keep their children safe. These are their priorities as they are yours, meeting their family’s needs before their wants.

Families Need Christmas Help 2016

If you have clothes your children have outgrown or toys in good condition you need to recycle to make room for Christmas 2016, please consider donating to the Families in Need Christmas 2016 listed below. Create a collection among your family members to donate to one of these families. This can be your Christmas giving project, a memory of good feelings and kindness you will share together. Giving to a Families Need Christmas Help can be a family tradition to hand down to generations to come.

As you’ll see, the parents’ or grandparents’ requests are simply “needs” more than “wants” for their children. Where necessary, I have contacted the families for their location and more detailed information as to what their children’s needs and wants are that they are requesting. I will update their requests when received.

 Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #1

Jennifer – I just moved back to Texas a month ago. It was supposed to be temporary and now its not. I havent found steady work yet. My son is turning 8 on friday. I dont have any money to spare on this birthday. I normally work and can provide. I dont want his life as he gets older to get worse. Ive been staying a float but it’s going to get rougher till I get a job and start working. I really need my son to have some presents. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jennifer – Dallas, Texas

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #2

Megan – I’m sad because this year I don’t have the income to get any gifts. I am awaiting disability because of a car accident I was in. My husband works so hard to make sure me and our two children have what we need but sometimes it comes down to spending the last dollar on bills or food. Both of my children are growing out of their clothes everytime I turn around now they both need clothes again also. Please if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you - ip location: Bladensburg, MD

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #3

Gerald - hi my name is gerry my daughters name is nichole we been in two shelters we have housing now but we have no income and we need help for back to school and christmas i been looking for work but its tough plus my daughter does have a slight disability she has trauma and anciaty she seen a murder a couple of years ago please if any one can help i will be very gratful. thank you my daughter is 12 years old stating first year of middle school she really a sweet girl if any one can help .please i will be very thankful she needs sneakers size 6 and some out fits shits size 10/12 and pants size 12/14 - ip location: Stoughton, MA

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #4

Amanda - My son is turned 13 on September 15, 2016 and i am a single mother i can not work because when i had cancer 6 years ago and if anyone could please help. His name is Raven and my name is Amanda. God bless you all – Alabama

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #5

Janay - Hi I am a mother of 5 wonderful children I am in need of all I can get help with 3 children are in school and 2 are at home I need clothes and shoes for all my oldest daughter is 7 and she loves purple and butterflies she wears a 6/7 in clothes and a 1 shoe..my oldest son is 5 and he loves anything that involves sports and fast cars he wears a 6/8 in clothes and a 1 shoe.. my second son is 4 and he loves spiderman and he wears a 4/5 in clothes and a 11/12 shoe..and my youngest daughter is 3 and love anything pink she wears a 4/5 in clothes and a 9/10 shoe and last but not least my little angel baby he is 5 months and he is already wearing 12 month clothes yes scary I know….he was 10lbs when he was born he’s not picky about what he’s wanting yet but we are truly grateful for any and all help we would receive thank you and God bless you – possibly located in Michigan

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #6

Suzanne – I really need christmas help. We would appreciate any help. ip location: Neptune City, New Jersey

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #7

Tiffany – We are a family of 6 I have 2 girls and 2 boys. The girls age or 14, 9 & the boys age or 13,12. if there is anybody that can help me out for Christmas I would really appreciate it a whole lot from me and my kids. the 14 year old girl weres size 13 or 14 in pants -size shoe is 2 or 3.and the 9 year old is size close9 10 and shoe is 3 1/2.and the 2 boys or size 14 & 15 and shoes or size 7 in boys if there’s anybody that could help that would be a wish come true for me and my Kids thank U.and god Bless U..from Rivera-Taylor Family… ip location: Sacramento, California

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #8

Charlene - Hello , I am a single grandma of 54 raising my grandsons since they where infants all alone. this year was very difficult for us because i was diagnosed with heart failure and triple negative breast cancer. I had surgery then after chemo and radiation treatment. threw the fear of losing me my sons have been fighting my illness along side me . giving me encouragement hope and the will to keep fighting. I am unable to work and sadly I cant afford to give my sons the gifts of christmas that they do deserve. Id love to find some assistance make christmas a happy one. my first is 14 yrs old birthday is 02/21/02, . he is 5’8 1/2 size extra large his shoe size is 10 1/2 and pants are 36 waist . my youngest is 10 yrs old his birthday is 05-04-2006, he is a boys large and he wears size 16-18 pants and shoe size is 5 1/2 I live in bloomington ca

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #9

Lindsey -

Ages, birth dates, and Sex of children:
Cara- 6/23/04 female
Alivia- 7/26/07 female
Ericka-12/23/09 female
Peyton-7/16/16 female

Needs of each child (include sizes):
Cara-12/14 girls
Alivia-12/14 girls
Ericka-7/8 girls
Peyton- 3/6mo & 6-9mo size 2 & 3 diapers

Wants of each child:
Cara- crafty stuff
Alivia- American girl doll type stuff
Ericka-lego/building type toys
Peyton- baby activity toys

Family needs:
Towels/household items. Relocated recently due to job loss and have been struggling to get by. I recently started working but only part time is available . not many resources to help with items like rent and such. But would be amazing if we could get christmas assistance for the girls and birthday for my daughter who turns 7 2 days be for christmas. Anything helps. Thank you - Spanish Fort, Alabama

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #10

Keonta – I’m a hard working single mother of two boys. And i really need some help on getting my boys a birthday and Christmas gifts, both of their birthdays are in December baby boy is on the 1st and my oldest boy is on the 20th plus i have Christmas 5 days later please help me out.

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #11

Sarah - I am a single mother and everytime this year I always get the same emotional unhapiness and worry about my child for Christmas. Times are very hard for a lot of people. I barely make ends meet. I am just worthy and thankful of God for seeing that we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs. Alabama

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #12

Shawanda – a single parent of two beautiful girls ages 4 & 2. My husband died 2 years ago from a massive heart attack. I lost everything AUG. 2016 due to a tragic house fire. Just relocating in Monroe Louisiana to live with a family member for financial support. The Holidays coming up and I refuse to see my kids go without. I will feel like a unfit parent. I have a four year old daughter. She wears a 5t in clothes & a size 7 in shoes. I have a 2 year old daughter. She wears a size 3t in clothes and a size 5 in shoes. Not concerned about myself just really the kids thanks God bless. - Monroe, Louisiana

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #13

Lajessica - Family in need of assistance just recently moved from domestic violence shelter, really need assistance with Christmas gifts have 3 boys ages 8,6,3 currently working part time and currently in a financial bind. Alabama

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #14

Jessica – i am a single mother of 3 and i am in desprite need of christmas help for my children i just moved in to my own place and with all the utility deposits and just starting a job i am unable to get them christmas this year and ive been online all night searching for thanks giving basket distrubution places to help with thanksgiving i just lost my dad and nana this year and its been hard my dad was the one that paid for christmas presents every year my bills are pilled i have over a 300$ light bill due to the 300$ deposit and a 150$ deposit due for my apartment so cash is thin for christmas im need a christmas angel to give my kids that christmas blessing i was to late to sign them up for angel tree this year and moving i dont know very many resources to make christmas alittle better then its really gonna be this year with out my dad and nana we would apperciate any help we can get thanks and god bless all of you working to help needy families

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #15

Kellee - I am looking for any help with Christmas this year.I just recently lost my job,and looking actively for employment.my kids are not really young but they are wonderful kids.they deserve to have a decent christmas.if i could get someone or family to help out this year would be great,I have sponsored families in the past,and would love someone to do the same for me.thanks in advance,please dont overlook us,we could really use the help

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #16

Jessica – I’m from mobile Al and that I’m struggling trying to get my son toys, clothes, and shoes for Christmas most of all praying that I can get him a bed. It hard my checks look so fragile I don’t have enough to cover alot to get for me my son. I have bills to pay that what take most. And I want to break down and cry sometimes that I can’t afford the things I want best my son. I can afford a little at time. Try my best to save for me and my son. But times are hard. So I just pray that blessing will come for me and my son. I so much to say. I don’t want to talk to much. I can go on and on. Pray for us. – Alabama

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #17

Rena - I am a single mother of 2 girls ages 6yrs old and 8months I have been working part time at a non profit organization but bills just aren’t adding up my oldest daughter just returned home in August after being with her dad for 3 months and Christmas just doesn’t seem a reality this year we were forced to move in with a friend until our new apartment is ready and we had to leave everything behind due to the building being infested with several things and black mold, I had to sign over my last 3 paychecks just to secure a roof over our heads and then having to completely furnish the home has left me in a panic about Christmas it’s the baby’s first Christmas and it would kill me to see my daughter’s wake up to an empty living room any help is greatly appreciated my oldest is size 7/8 in clothes and an 11 in shoes she loves shopkins and is a very big girly girl my youngest is size 2months in clothes and a 1 in shoes anything to work on her fine motor skills is needed as she works with birth to 3 to get her where she needs to be thank you so much in advance

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #18

Ashley – I came across this site while looking for a place that may help with Christmas. My husband lost his job in august and has just now recently started working at Walmart. I have been on the job hunt for months and have not been able to find anything that will work with the kids school schedule. We have twin girls that are 9 I have not been able to buy them anything and it will be a while before we are caught up on bills. I missed the sign up at salvation army. I would be MORE than thankful if I could find a program or someone to help me. I have NEVER had to ask for help before so I just dont know what to do or where to go from here. If someone is able to help it would mean the WORLD to me!! Thank you all and God Bless! – Lagrange, GA.

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #19

Lena – Hello I was writing for help my daughter she is 7 yrs old named malayla Vaughn she will have no toys or anything for that matter on Christmas morning we have fallen on hard times dad is disabled Amd me mom is applying for ssi with no luck her sizes are 7s in all will need coat long sleeve shirts pants pjs gloves hat scarves and maybe boots size12 toys loves monster high barbies a cross necklace earrings crayola crayons colored pencils anything crafty paints brushes anything trolls paw patrol shopkinsmicroscope anything Louisville hat hoodie littlest pet shop really anything would be grateful we have nothing and just want to make her smile on Xmas morning mom and dad are a bit older and has become very hard to get out for resources anymore so any help would be a helpful blessing and in need of Xmas dinner if possible she also wants a tablet if possible again thank you for any help

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #20

Mom of Princesses – Hi I’m a mom with an 11 and 9 year old girls, I have 2 older girls here at home, my husband is 65 and retired veteran , we live on a fixed income scraping by each month. I’m 50 and have a lot of medical issues. My girls would be so surprised and over joyed to get gifts this year that I didn’t crochet for them, which is what I usually do, but this year I’m unable to buy yarns and fiberfill stuffing. My girls wouldn’t mind second hand gifts and I’d be really grateful.

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #21

Sandra – i dont really know what to say or ask for help i have 3 kids 2 that are disable i have 2 girls 1 boy 17, 13, 9 the girl breonna is disabled and my 9 year old son brian is also the 13 year old is kieonna she isnt disabled but helps alot cause i cant work anymore and filing for disabilty myself they havent had a christmas for two years now because all of their income goes to rent and utilities and the little thats left isnt very much so im not trying to go back to a life of no utilities or being homeless so what ever anyone can do tho help please reply - ip location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #22

Patricia – my family could use some help this year for Christmas for our two boys Jayce is 4 years old and Steven is 1 years old could you please help in our time of need . Thanks Sincerely  from our family Location: Felicity, Ohio

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #23

Susan – I live in St.Clair county, Alabama. I am in need of help for my son for Christmas. I am unable to work because I severely broke my leg 3 years ago. 9 surgery’s and I still can’t walk. Disability has turned me down. If anyone could help or point me in the direction of help I would be so greatful!!

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #24

Roberta – Need help for Christmas 9yrs old & 12yrs that’s autism he want a bike the other one like spider man, please help

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #25

Rikki – I’m a single parent of two amazing boys ages 6yrs and 9 months.I have been unempolyed going on a year now due to my son’s medical condition he was diagonsed with ADHD and I have to fully care for him. It has been a struggle for me to be unable to pay rent, light, and to buy my kids clothes going to different charities for help. It is more difficult during the holidays all I want for my boys to wake up christmas morning with a tree and presents to see a smile on their face christmas morning something I cant afford to give them. - ip location: San Antonio, TX

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #26

Rita – I’m in need of Christmas assistance for a 15 year old girl and 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. The oldest girl need clothes and the little girl wants a doll house and my 10 year old wants a remote airplane and ebox 360 games.

Families Need Christmas Help 2016 #27

Laurie – Hi i am a disabled mother of 2, a 14 year old son and a 16 year old girl last year i wasnt able to buy them presents and i can’t afford them again i am on social security and its not much i would really appreciate any help thank you.


Have questions, need more information, or want to contact one of the families in need? Please do not hesitate to contact me through the comments section. Entries will not appear until approved.

May the spirit of the season shine on you and your family,


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How to Do a Car Rental Without a Credit Card

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rent a car using a debit cardHelpful information and tips on how to do a car rental without a credit card, with little or no credit and a debit card.

Planning on a family road trip for a vacation, to visit friends or family…or move to a more affordable area? (These days, with this economy, I think we all need to do that!)

But, you have a couple of obstacles.

  • no credit card
  • no car (or a car you don’t trust to take you where you want to go)

Car Rental without a Credit Card

Having a car would help you make your plans possible, but how to get one to take you from here to there? You don’t own a credit card which is, more often than not, needed to rent a car.

You can reserve a car rental without a credit card, but you’ll need one when you show up at the rental company. If you don’t, then you’ll be considered as a credit risk and end up leaving without a car.

Car rental companies want you to present a credit card to cover the cost of the rental and as one form of identity documentation. The credit card is also a form of protection for the company to cover additional expenses that might be accrued such as damages beyond the minor normal wear and tear caused by careless care of the car’s interior or exterior. And, as in many cases, to put gas in the tank for the next customer if the car is returned with less gas than was provided when the car left the lot. Stopping at a gas station to replenish the gas supply is a must to do before the car is returned!

Car Rental with a Debit Card

Some car rental companies may let you rent a car with a debit card, but it won’t be quick or easy.

To prepare for this article to help you, I did some research on my own. My advice is: Do your own research after reading this. Call each car rental agency and ask what their policies are. They vary by company and even then by locality. Learn more…

car rental Without a credit cardSo…you have a debit card with a major credit card company logo (i.e., MasterCard or Visa) with plenty of cash in your checking account to cover your car rental, gas, tolls, food, and lodging along the way.
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Help Families in Need Christmas 2015

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You Can Help families in Need Christmas 2015

Georgia Families Need Christmas HelpChristmas is coming and families in need are reaching out for Christmas help. You can find a family below that needs you.

I’ve been receiving help requests from families in need in response to various posts on NanaFinds.com. Instead of having them scattered and difficult to be noticed, I’ll be adding them to this post as I receive them. If you find a family you might be interested in helping, please leave a comment below. It will not be public for others to see. All comments remain private unless I approve them. There may be families from Christmas 2014 who may still need help.  Please take time to read and consider these simple requests for helping children have a Christmas. You may be their only hope.

I am not a charity and cannot personally help others. I try to help by attempting to connect families in need with “angels” who wish to help. There should be no guarantees or obligations assumed. Once I am given permission by the parties involved to share email addresses and do so, I am no longer involved.

Please go to Families Need Christmas Help 2016 for this year’s requests.

Help Families in Need Christmas 2015 Requests

48 families in need of Christmas help as of 12/17/15  —-  Please do not post more than once per page. You will not see it here until I post it.

Family in Need Request for Christmas Help #1:

My family would like to get adopted for Christmas,because we were homeless last year so we didn’t get to have Christmas nor no gifts.so we would like help.
Thank you, the Miller family
Read more: Help Families in Need Christmas 2015

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