Help Families in Need Christmas 2015

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You Can Help families in Need Christmas 2015

Georgia Families Need Christmas HelpChristmas is coming and families in need are reaching out for Christmas help. You can find a family below that needs you.

I’ve been receiving help requests from families in need in response to various posts on Instead of having them scattered and difficult to be noticed, I’ll be adding them to this post as I receive them. If you find a family you might be interested in helping, please leave a comment below. It will not be public for others to see. All comments remain private unless I approve them. There may be families from Christmas 2014 who may still need help.  Please take time to read and consider these simple requests for helping children have a Christmas. You may be their only hope.

I am not a charity and cannot personally help others. I try to help by attempting to connect families in need with “angels” who wish to help. There should be no guarantees or obligations assumed. Once I am given permission by the parties involved to share email addresses and do so, I am no longer involved.

Help Families in Need Christmas 2015 Requests

48 families in need of Christmas help as of 12/17/15  —-  Please do not post more than once per page. You will not see it here until I post it.

Family in Need Request for Christmas Help #1:

My family would like to get adopted for Christmas,because we were homeless last year so we didn’t get to have Christmas nor no we would like help.
Thank you, the Miller family
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Families Need Christmas Help Requests 2015

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Families Need Christmas Help Requests 2015

families in need request helpFamilies need Christmas help requests 2015:  submit your requests with as many details as you can (needs, sizes, etc.). The requests for Christmas help should be reasonable and not expensive. Christmas help requests for ipads, cell phones, computers, cars, living room furniture, new bikes, leather jackets and travel expenses are not reasonable. Requests for socks, jeans, shirts, sweaters, books, dolls, games, and not expensive toys are some examples of reasonable needs and wants.

Submit Your Families Need Christmas Help Requests

Submit your request for Christmas help in the comment box below. I will copy and paste it to another post focused on the requests. If I receive someone interested in helping you with your Christmas request for help, I will send you an email. After you reply to confirm your email address, I will send your email address, with permission, to your potential “angel”. At that point, the arrangement for help is between the two of you. I will no longer be involved.

Please note:  I am not a charity or in a position to personally help families in need. I cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer of help from others.

Families need of Christmas help should provide:

Town, State
Children’s ages, needs, sizes and preferences

It is very difficult for “angels” to decide if they want to help without knowing what your children need and want for Christmas. The simpler, less costly, the better.

I wish you all an Angel this Christmas,

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2014 Christmas Help Family Requests – Please Help Us

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help families in need christmasThe opportunity for 2014 Christmas Help Family Requests to be granted by “Angels” decreases with each passing day. Soon it will be too late for the families in need to have their 2014 Christmas help wishes fulfilled. Unless an “Angel” reaches out, only a true Christmas Miracle will be their only hope. If you can be a family’s Christmas Angel, please don’t hesitate…time is running out!


The following families are some of the many nationwide this holiday season hoping, wishing, and praying for their Christmas Miracle.

Can you help?

Will you be their Angel?

Please take time to consider.

Read over the 2014 Christmas Help Family Requests submitted by desperate parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends of those in need of help.  If you are interested, let me know ASAP and I will connect you so you both can decide if this is a good match. The rest is up to you both….

The 2014 Christmas Help Family Requests are shown as written by the sender and in the order received (October, 2014 – Present). Last names, phone numbers, and street addresses have been omitted for publication but have been retained in the originals.

Family #1 Christmas Help Request – Elin, Lancaster CA

Hi, I have 2 little girls. Casey will be 5 a few days after Christmas and Cheyenne will be 2 on Christmas day. I have always struggled to give them a good birthday and a good Christmas, but with the help of a wonderful church we always had a great time. However, this year due to a divorce, my girls and I have had to move back home with my family, and away from our wonderful support system. I don’t know how I will make this year work.

Casey who is going to be 5 has Cystic Fibrosis. I really need to find things to keep her active, and healthy. Things I am looking for that I think would benefit her are toys for outdoor play such as a small toddler sized enclosed trampoline, a small slide, and indoor toys that have to do with food. She is a very poor eater and I want to encourage eating as much as possible (play food, or even a child’s cooking toy like an easy bake oven or no bake magic mixer would be great)Casey has also expressed to me her desire for a “robot girl” I imagine she wants some kind of doll, Barbie, etc… that talks =)

Cheyenne who will be 2 on Christmas day is not to picky. She loves anything and everything. She is a Christmas present herself =) She will play with anything her sister is playing with. a few things I think would capture her interest are toys that have buckles, buttons, and zippers on them. She would also enjoy anything Frozen. She loves that movie =)

I have done all I can to garage sale and consignment shop ahead of time but these kind of items are not easy to find. I know I cant give them everything. But I just want them to know that through all of the change that has gone on this year that things will be ok.

We live in Lancaster California which is near Los Angeles.

Elin E  10-10-2014

Family #2 Christmas Help Request – Yolanda, Vallejo CA

Hello my name is Yolanda and am a single mom looking for Christmas help am low income I stay in Vallejo Ca, that’s part of the San franisico bay area close to Napa ca, I have a son who is 7yrs old who is disable I can’t afford to get him anything this year for Christmas because of housing cost went up and I don’t work also disable but don’t receive any income only my son and after paying rent pg and e and phone we only have 50$ left food not included live off food from food banks and hameydown clothes I asking for help he love videogames but don’t have anything to play he like riding his cousin bike and games Acton figure anything would help he wear size 8 in boys our 10 he wear 3 1/2 in boys shoes he like sports clothes like LA Lakers and sf giants if anyone out there that can help us I would so ever be graceful in the name of Jesus blessed the person who read this and help us in Jesus name I pray thank you my son would be happy we been through a lot these past years god no the truth.

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